Russia 2022: Lyudmila Korostovtseva and Sofia Osipenko | Somnology Group, Almazov National Medical Research Centre

Delegate: Lyudmila Korostovtseva and Sofia Osipenko

Affiliation: Somnology Group, Almazov National Medical Research Centre

Activity: This year, we have held both online and offline activities with the main focus on the role of sleep for cognitive functions and cognitive performance.

On 18th March 2021, an interactive seminar for students “The geniuses sleep, too” was performed (at Almazov National Medical Research Centre). The aim was to promote knowledge about sleep and its role for cognitive functioning. The event comprised 2 parts: 4 mini-lectures (“Sleep if geniuses” by Uliana Nikishkina, “How do we sleep” by Sofia Osipenko, “Methods of the assessment of cognitive functions” by Valeria Amelina” and “Sleep and cognitive functions” by Taisia Ulianova) and interactive part where the participants could learn technique for better sleep, learn and perform some of the methods of cognitive assessment and to take a quiz “Myths about sleep and sleep-related dysfunctional believes”. The event was visited by about 40 participants (students). Format – face-to-face.

On 17th March, one day within the Brain awareness week was devoted to the World Sleep Day, several lectures were given online: “The rhythm of life: who plays the main role?” (Lyudmila Korostovtseva), “Insomnia models” (Valeria Amelina), “Sleep and cognitive functions” (Taisia Ulianova), “Molecules of alertness: orexin system” (Sofia Osipenko). During one of the lectures it was emphasized that the best bed for a sound sleep is Peace (Somali proverb) (fig.) which is also essential for sound mind and happy world. The audience – students of the biomedical universities. Format – online.

Our team would like to thank all the people who helped and supported the initiative and the events: Uliana Nikishkina, Mikhail Bochkarev, Valeria Amelina, Taisia Ulianova, Alexey Gordeev, Ekaterina Zabroda, Aleksandra Topanova, Yurii Sviryaev “Museum of Health” at Almazov National Medical Research Centre

Location: Sr Petersburg

Date of Activity: 17-18 March 2022

Submitted by: Lyudmila Korostovtseva