Russia 2017: Russian Society of Somnologists & Youth Committee

Delegate: Russian Society of Somnologists, Youth Committee of Russian Society of Somnologists

Affiliations: V.A. Almazov Federal North-West Medical Research Centre

Following our tradition and experience, when organizing World Sleep Day activities we wanted to involve as many people as possible (people of different age, different social positions and with different professional occupations). The slogan 2017 “Sleep soundly, nurture life” is broad enough to talk about different aspects of sleep and its role in our life.
We organized various activities doing our best in covering various sleep-related issues in order to attract people’s attention to sleep, its function and the potential ways to treat sleep disorders.

  • General activities and preparation of papers and distributed materials.
    1) In order to involve large groups of people from different regions, a series of cartoons named “Healthy sleep is…” with the slogan and logotype of WSD 2017 was created (artist – Julia Chursina)
    On 17 March 2017 and on 18 March 2017, the event named “Share healthy sleep with your friend” in Moscow and in St Petersburg, respectively. The postcards were distributed providing the opportunity to sign and send the postcards to their friends anywhere in the world

Altogether 4 different stories and layouts were chosen:
– Healthy sleep is … to give a victorious battle to the microbes!
– Healthy sleep is … the security!
– Healthy sleep is … elementary, dear Watson!
– Healthy sleep is … the way for achievements!

Each slogan was provided with a brief explanation on the other side of the postcard.

According to the official statistics, the postcards were sent to many cities in Russian Federation (among them: Moscow and Moscow region, St Petersburg and Leningrad region, Ekaterinburg, Novomoskovsk, Krasnodar region – Kononovo village, Pushkino, Sovkhoz n.a. Lenin, Nizhniy Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Khanty-Mansiisk, Novgorod region – Okulovka, Kovrov, Kaluga, Michurinsk, Chita, Zlynka, Murmansk and Murmansk region, Karelia, Kirov, Kachkanar, Kazakhstan, Lipetsk, Ryazan’, Sverdlovsk etc.) and in Europe (including Litva, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Finland etc.).

  • The WSD ToolKit and 10 commandments of healthy sleep were translated into Russian, and distributed through Web-site ( and in printed version during all the events (see below)
  • Several popular events and lectures (for different age groups) were organized
    1) Moscow: Lecture by Dr. Irina Zavalko about sleep functions and main sleep disorders for the pensioners in a regional Hospital (Shchukino, Moscow) on 16 March 2017. The audience – about 30 attendees.
    2) St Petersburg: a series of lectures and presentations at schools have been performed (in March-April 2017). Altogether four schools were involved. Three meetings (lessons) with high-school adolescents were performed by Dr. Anna Solomakha and Dr. Nina Lisovskaya (V.A. Almazov Federal North-West Medical Research Centre). One more event was a meeting with the parents and school-teachers. The events called high attention, and many questions regarding sleep, its functions and theories, some physiological and pathological manifestations were asked. Several more meetings are planned for the end of April and May, including lessons with the pupils of elementary school. Selected pupils will be invited to the Somnology lab to participate in the polysomnography study and to get to know some practical issues.
    3) St Petersburg: on 6 April 2017, sleep specialists consulted people (from the street) regarding sleep disorders. Altogether 30 people were consulted (primarily, with the insomnia complaints), all of them got 10 Commandments of Healthy Sleep.
  • Events for the medical professionals:

1) Somnology Workshop “Sleep – a window to the world of wakefulness” ( was held in Moscow on 16-18 March 2017. The workshop has been carried biannually since 2001. The goal of the Workshop is to attract the attention of young investigators, students and clinicians to the basic problems of somnology, the science of sleep. The main language of Workshop is English. The Workshop included review lectures of the latest research and modern methodological approaches covering a wide spectrum of sleep and wake mechanisms. The invited speakers are the leading Russian and foreign scientists. This year it was our honour to have the following guests and speakers at the Workshop: Professor Liborio Parrino (Parma, Italy), Dr. Markus Schmidt (Bern, Switzerland), Dr. Pierre Luppi (Leon, France), Dr. Stephany Fulda (Lugano, Switzerland).
Twenty-two young researchers from the Russian Federation and Europe (Switzerland) presented their own research during oral and poster sessions followed by discussion. All the data are published in the abstract book. During poster session a story-telling part was presented, when all young scientists could present their results in the generally accessible form.
Audience – 30-40 people.

2) The leaflets with 10 commandments of healthy sleep and the postcards were also distributed among the participants of the annual event Forum “Sleep-2017” (, which was held in Moscow on 16-18 March 2017 (organizers – Moscow State University, Alexandr Kalinkin, MD, PhD; Russian Society of Somnology, Gennadiy Kovrov, MD, PhD, Professor). This scientific conference brings together somnologists from the Russian Federation other countries. The honourable guests of the Sleep Forum were Professor Nieto (USA), Professor Luthi (Switzerland) Professor Parrino (Italy), Dr. Schmidt (Switzerland). This year the Forum and the Workshop were organized during the same time and shared the area enabling young specialists to attend more clinical sessions, and providing more opportunities for older professionals to get to know the research by the younger ones.
Audience – 60-80 people.

3) St Petersburg, 18 March 2017: A somnology seminar was held within the Brain Awareness week ( Three lectures – Sleep and Disease (Prof. S. Vataev, Leading Researcher, Comparative somnology and evolutionary neuroendocrinology, Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry); Biology Feedback Loop and its role in Psychiatry and Sleep Disorders treatment (Dr. G. Polyakova, PhD, Psychiatrist, Mechnikov North-West State Medical University; Dr. Y.Y. Zabegalovskaya, Neurophysiologist); Sleep Disorders and Medical Rehabilitation (Prof. E. Melnikova, Head, Regional Vascular Centre, Hospital #26).
Audience – 70 people (students and young specialists – medical doctors, psychologists).
The postcards were distributed during the meeting

  • Popular media reports:
    – Interview with Dr. Irina Zavalko (MD, PhD, Neurologist, specialized in Sleep Medicine, Movement Disorder Center, State Research Center, Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center, Federal Medical Biological Agency, Moscow) on TV (channel Russia 1) “Morning in Russia”, 17 March 2017
    – Interview with Dr. Irina Zavalko on TV (channel NTV) about polysomnography and insomnia, “Business hour”, 17 March 2017
    – Interview with Dr. Irina Zavalko for the newspaper “Moscow. North-West” (published by prefecture)
    – Free webinar “How to sleep soundly?” Registered 1.500 people, audience at once 400 attendees, 40 people bought the record.

Our team expresses sincere gratitude to all people who helped and supported our initiative and events, everybody who contributed to the mentioned activities and inspired us, in particular, the Board of the Russian Society of Somnologists (Prof. Kovrov, Prof. Kovalzon, Prof. Dorokhov, Dr. Sviryaev, Dr. Kalinkin), our colleagues from the First Pavlov State Medical University – Dr. Irina Sukhotina and Dr. Kubynin, who helped us to organize the Somnology Seminar within the Brain Awareness week, Dr. A. Semenov and Dr. N. Lisovskaya; those who supported our initiative by giving the talks – Dr. S. Vataev, Dr. E. Melnikova, Dr. G. Polyakova, Dr. Yu. Zabegalovskaya; our sponsors who helped us to publish the printed leaflets and postcards – the Antihypertensive League (A. Tanicheva) and The clinic “XXI century” and others.

Location: Moscow, St Petersburg, and some activities involved other regions of Russian Federation

Date: March-April 2017

Submitted by: Lyudmila Korostovtseva

Short Bio: Youth Committee of the Russian Society of somnologists is a team of young people who share the same passion for sleep medicine, and believe that promotion of helathy sleep is one of the fundamental ways to improve health and life quality. Since 2014, when we started the tradition to celebrate World Sleep Day, we have been organizing various activities every year, not only on the day of WSD, but involving up to 1-2 months. Our team is as following:
– Elizaveta Rutskova, PhD, postdoc, Laboratory of Neuroontogenesis, Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology RAS, Moscow. Chairman of the Youth Committee of Russian Society of Somnologists.
– Lyudmila Korostovtseva, MD, PhD, Somnology group, V.A. Almazov Federal North-West Medical Research Centre, St Petersburg. Contact: 8 921 787 3548
– Irina Zavalko, MD, PhD, Neurologist, specialized in Sleep Medicine, Movement Disorder Center, State Research Center, Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center, Federal Medical Biological Agency, Moscow. Contact phone: +79104345597
– Mikhail Bochkarev, MD, PhD, Researcher, Somnology group, V.A. Almazov Federal North-West Medical Research Centre, St Petersburg.
– Alexandra Puchkova, PhD, Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia
-Alexander Tataraidze, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia.
-Anna Solomakha, PhD Student, V.A. Almazov Federal North-West Medical Research Centre, St Petersburg, Russia