Russia 2016: Voronezh Regional Department of Russian Society of Somnologists

Delegate: Voronezh Regional Department of Russian Society of Somnologists (Head – Olga Lyshova, MD, PhD, Professor)

Affiliations: Department of Faculty Therapy Voronezh N.N. Burdenko State Medical University, RF

Voronezh Regional Department of the Russian Society of Somnologists (Head – Olga V. Lyshova, MD, PhD, Professor), Voronezh N.N. Burdenko State Medical University (Rector – Igor E. Esaulenko, MD, PhD, Professor), Medical and Sanitary Hospital of Ministry of Home Affairs of Voronezh Region (Chief – Anna A. Kulakova, MD), Secondary School № 28 in-depth study of specific subjects (Director – Michael E. Hutoretsky) cooperated closely planning and organizing all the events for the World Sleep Day in Voronezh, RF.
In all activities attended by students are 4 and 5 courses International Institute of Medical Education and Cooperation (Sangita Chongtham, Allison Laishram Singh, Kanta Maimom Singh, Abukar Moalin, Pusparani Moirangmayum Devi, Gunipriya Oinam Devi, Sachin Shukla); pediatric and medical departments (Ecatherine Bashmanova, Polina Karpova, Eugene Proskurin) and postgraduate student Nicolay Borodin.
24 March 2016: sports and educational activities for students in grades 10-11 were organized. Medical students from India (Manipur) introduced the physical exercises they do every morning after waking and every evening before sleep. Evening complex of exercise helps releasing tension, tiredness and helps in relaxing.
Audience – 80 children of 15-17 years old. All children got the brochures with recommendations for healthy sleep and the set of exercises for relaxation and good sleep. Place – sports hall in the school № 28, Voronezh.
Reviews of students about the activities. Gunipriya Oinam Devi: «We were happy to meet Russian school students. Students were all good listeners. We felt happy when they were following our commands. And we are lucky that we participated in such international activity in Russia. We are highly grateful». Sangita Chongtham: «We are grateful that such activites were held. Today we enjoyed socializing and it was interesting».
31 March 2016: clinical conference dedicated to world’s sleep day, in particular, sleep hygiene issues discussed in the different climatic zone. So students Abukar Moalin (Somalia) and Sachin Shukla (India) told about the peculiarities of preparation for bed in their native countries with a hot climate. Karpova Polina made her presentation on her own birth city – Musmansk also named as northern sleep. She advised all the tourist visiting city during polar night or polar day. Besides topic of Ecatherine Bashmanova’s presentation was about hygiene of sleep in childhood. The participants realized that despite the geographical distance habits and customs compliance sleep hygiene among people in different countries are the same. They grab everybody’s attention how its needed to focus on sleeping routine, moderation in eating and regular physical exercise.
The following reports were devoted to the theoretical aspects. In particular, the student Evgeny Proskurin paid attention to the cause-effect relationships of influence of stress on sleep, as well as non-drug and medication methods to deal with it. Nicolay Borodin raised the issue of relationship between sleep duration and cardiac diseases and presented the facts proving the bad effects of short and long term sleep (not less than 5 hours and not more than 10 hours). Irina Kostenko (the Head of the Rehabilitation Department) informed about the impact of the night work and on the risk of abdominal obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus. All these issues were extremely important to hear all those present, as in the practice of regularly treat patients with such conditions. Audience – 50 doctors and nurses, students and postgraduate students.
Throughout the year, Professor Olga Lyshova on their on the practical classes and lectures to medical students are 3 and 4 course discusses the history of the study of sleep, the role of sleep for humans, its relationship with a lot of internal medicine diseases, their diagnosis and treatment. At these sessions focuses on the possibilities of ambulatory polygraphy in the diagnosis of disorders of breathing during sleep. Audience – 600 students.

Location: sports hall in the school № 28, Voronezh and conference hall in Medical and Sanitary Hospital of Ministry of Home Affairs of Voronezh Region

Date: 24 March 2016 and 31 March 2016

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Submitted by: Olga Lyshova
Short Bio: Olga Lyshova, MD, PhD, Professor Department of Faculty Therapy Voronezh N.N. Burdenko State Medical University, RF; Head of Voronezh Regional Department of Interregional Somnologists’ Association; Member of the section “The problem is obstructive sleep apnea” the Russian Society of Cardiology; Member of the Russian Society of Holter monitoring and Noninvasive Electrophysiology.
Olga Lyshova graduated from Voronezh N.N. Burdenko State Medical Academy in 1996. Professor Department of Faculty Therapy since 2008. Performs portable bifunctional monitoring since 1999 and multifunctional monitoring since 2004. Interested in the possibility of ambulatory 24-hour multi-function monitoring (ECG 12 lead, BP, actigramma, reopneumogramma, pulse oximetry, airflow) in the diagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome in patients with arterial hypertension and treatment of respiratory sleep disorders.