Russia 2015: Russian Society of Somnologists

Russian Somnologists cooperated closely planning and organizing all the events for the World Sleep Day.

Based on our previous experience we aimed at involvement more people (of different age,  different social positions and with different professional occupations). Thus, as planned, we  conducted several activities both for adults and for children in order to attract the attention of  children to sleep and sleep problems. We believe that activities for children involve also their  parents and teachers etc., thus the audience rises in several times, and thus, might be more  beneficial.

March 2015: an interactive show for children of pre-school age and from elementary school and their parents based on the motif of the fairytales showing the conflict between sleep and insomnia (won by sleep).

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Followed by an interactive talk with the pediatrician (Anna Solomakha, MD, Federal North-West Medical Research Centre) on the role of sleep and rules of healthy sleep, illustrated by cartoons and short poems, and the animated cartoon show (Dreams Keeper). Audience – 100 children of 5-8 years old.


All children got the brochures with WASM 10 commandments and the balloons with World Sleep Day Russian-translated slogan.


The balloons with World Sleep Day Russian-translated slogan 2015 and updated brochures [View HERE] were also given to the children and pedestrians at the streets of the city. The program of WSD 2014 was modified and updated. Place – Krasnoye Selo, district of St Petersburg.
19-20 March 2015 Forum “Sleep-2015” was held in Moscow (organizers – Federal Research and Clinical Centre of Specialized Medical Care and Medical Technologies, Alexandr Kalinkin, MD, PhD; National Society of Somnology and Sleep Medicine, Gennadiy Kovrov, MD, PhD, Professor) consolidating all Russian somnologists. Doctors and scientists from different Russian Regions and from Belarus took part in the Conference, presenting the results of their research and experience. The main discussed topics included the co-morbidities: sleep and neurology, sleep and cardiology, sleep in female population and pregnancy, sleep and psychiatric disorders. Genetic aspects of sleep disorders were also discussed. On 20 March 2015 there was a symposium on sleep-related breathing disorders and available treatment options. Specialists from Federal North-West Medical Research Centre took an active part in the conference, and presented several lectures during both days (Yurii Sviryaev, MD, PhD, DSc, Head, Somnology Laboratory; Mikhail Bochkarev, MD, PhD, Researcher, Somnology Laboratory; Darya Vaulina, MD, Postgraduate student).


Scientific and popular papers on sleep issues are published in scientific, practical and popular periodicals and on-line, including the following:
An interview with Irina Zavalko, MD, PhD (Moscow) about somnology and circadian rhythms was published ahead of the World Sleep Day 2015 (26 February 2015) ad can be found at
A notice on the World Sleep Day and activities was published in the March issue of the Newspaper of Federal North West Medical Research Centre spread among patients and medical staff.

Interview on a popular radio-program (Radio “Zenit”) was given: one-hour live broadcast interview with Lyudmila Korostovtseva, MD, PhD (Researcher, Somnology Laboratory, Federal North-West Medical Research Centre), regarding sleep, sleep hygiene etc. During the live broadcast the audience had the opportunity to call and ask questions regarding sleep. There were many call and questions, including tricky ones, regarding the remedies for sleep improvement, dreaming, sleep disorders etc. The main audience – middle-aged male population. Most of the people demonstrated a high interest
in the topic (

An e-mail informing about World Sleep Day, WASM 10 commandments and recently published recommendations on sleep duration (by National Sleep Foundation) was distributed on 13 March 2015. Aimed readers: members of Russian Cardiology Society, Russian Society of Somnologists, Russian Antihypertensive League, the staff of Federal North-West Medical Research Centre, the subscribers of the journal “Arterial Hypertension” (altogether more than 3000 people).
Lecture for the patients with cardiovascular and endocrine pathology were held ahead of World Sleep Day in winter 2015, at the Endocrinology Municipal Centre. Audience – 40 subjects. Topics: an overview on “Sleep physiology, sleep hygiene and sleep disorders” was given by was given by Lyudmila Korostovtseva, MD, PhD (Researcher at the Somnology Laboratory of Federal North-West Medical Research Centre, the member of ESRS, Russian Society of Somnologists).

The brochure with WASM rules of healthy sleep translated into Russian was updated and published, the brochures were given during the events. The poems for the brochure for children were written by Anna Solomakha, MD, the pictures were drawn and granted by Julia Gazizova.

Our team would like to thank all the people who helped and supported the initiative and the events: the Municipal Leisure Activity Centre of Krasnoselskiy Region of St Petersburg, St Petersburg Municipal Palace of Creative Work of Young People, Marina Piskareva, Deputy Director on Organization Issues), the company “INKART” (Viktor Tikhonenko, MD, PhD, DSc, St Petersburg), Julia Gazizova, the specialists of PR-department of Federal North-West Medical Research Centre Elena Misyuryaeva and Elena Nemich and everybody who contributed the mentioned activities, inspired and supported us.

Newspaper article: Document_2_Newspaper_03-2_2015
Handout: Document_1_WSD_2015_rules



“Lyudmila Korostovtseva, MD, PhD, Researcher, Somnology group (the Head – Yurii Sviryaev, MD, PhD, MDSc), Federal North-West Medical Research Centre email –, Affiliations: Federal North-West Medical Research Centre, Department of Hypertension, St Petersburg, Russia” “Irina Zavalko, MD, PhD, Neurologist, specialized in Sleep Medicine, Movement Disorder Center, State Research Center, Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center, Federal Medical Biological Agency E-mail:” “Elizaveta Rutskova, PhD, postdoc, Laboratory of Neuroontogenesis, Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology RAS E-mail:” “Mikhail Bochkarev, MD, PhD, Researcher, Somnology group (the Head – Yurii Sviryaev, MD, PhD, MDSc), Federal North-West Medical Research Centre E-mail:” “Yurii Sviryaev, MD, PhD, MDSc, Head, Somnology Group, Federal North-West Medical Research Centre” “Natalia Petrova, MD, PhD, Neonatologist, Federal North-West Medical Research Centre” “Anna Solomakha, MD, Pediatrician, Postgraduate student, Federal North-West Medical Research Centre”