Romania 2021: Mihaela Oros | The Romanian Association for Pediatric Sleep Disorders

Delegate: Mihaela Oros

Affiliation: The Romanian Association for Pediatric Sleep Disorders

Short Bio: The Romanian Association for Pediatric Sleep Disorders is a non-profit organization that aims primarily to promote both to medical professionals and the general public the issue of sleep in children and adolescents, to develop scientific, research and medical training activities in order to build and expand the knowledge of pediatric sleep disorders in Romania.

Activity: World Sleep Day 2021 Communication Campaign January – March 2021 We had 3 months of continuous online communication. We touched different topics related to sleep: – Role of sleep – Sleep apnea – Role of polysomnography We had posts, video about the role of sleep with logo and slogan of World Sleep Day 2021 and an animation – an innovative, empathic and new way of explaining apneea for the general public (“apnea is like a breath-taking glove”)

The video with English subtitles can be downloaded here: and on Facbeook ATSCA page:

The main goal for our manifesto video, which we posted on ATSCA Facebook page, was to raise awareness for Sleep Disorders and help people in providing the best and healthiest future for their children. We had a reach of 65k with 7.2k complete views for the video. More than 98% of the people interacted with our video through their mobile phones.

Final post for our campaign was an animation about APNEEA. We developed an animation of 1,5 min that graphically explains the sleep apneea and how it works Because our target represents people that do not have any medical background, we decided to develop a very simple and graphical animation to explain a word that we frequently use in all our communication – “apneea”. Our main goal was to raise awareness on the subject and to make everyone understand what apneea is and how it manifests. We used very simple words, completed by some self-explanatory graphics, to make it easier for everyone watching.

So far, we had: a reach of 31.2k 10.5k complete views 1.8k engagement 580 link clicks More than 73% of our viewers were women and the most interested age category was 35-44 yrs. The Romanian Association for Pediatric Sleep Disorders (ATSCA), Communication Campaign World Sleep Day 2021: we had a total reach of 232000 people, the video and the animation still running. Most of the people interacted with our posts and video through their mobile phones.

Location: Romania

Date: January – March 2021

Submitted by: Mihaela Oros