Romania 2020: Ioan Bulescu MD, PhD / Medicum Clinic Bucharest Romania

Delegate: Ioan Bulescu MD, PhD

Affiliations: Medicum Clinic Bucharest Romania

Short Bio: I am an ENT&Head and Neck surgeon certified in sleep medicine, based in private practice in Bucharest, Romania, member of AASM, ISSS and ESRS.
Also I am currently teaching Human Anatomy at the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest.
I am currently diagnosing and treating patients with sleep disordered breathing and I am trying to raise awareness on snoring and sleep apnea in my country

Activity: We will create a sleep apnea awareness and screening event in our clinic, where we will give screeen the participants for sleep apnea using the STOP-BANG questionaire, and we will give the ones that have a high risk for the disease some discount coupons for consultations and home sleep apnea tests,as well as for the future PAP treatment (from our partners at VitalAire Romania). We hope that the event will help people understand the risks of sleep disordered breathing, especially sleep apnea.

Location: Romania

Date of Activity: 13.03.2020

Submitted By: Ioan Bulescu MD, PhD