Republic of Korea 2020: WONCHUL, SHIN / Korean Society of Sleep Medicine


Affiliations: Korean Society of Sleep Medicine, South Korea

Short Bio: Director, World Sleep Day 2020.South Korea program; Public relations director of Korean Society of Sleep Medicine; Professor and Director of Sleep Center, KyungHee Medical Center

Activity: 2020 Korea’s World Sleep Day Event, which was conducted as an online campaign because of COVID19 spreading

Since the beginning of February 2020, COVID19 spreading has been rapidly expanding in Korea. In March, when World Sleep Day was held, the spread of coronavirus in Korea was very serious, the government banned public gatherings. Since the activities for 2020 World sleep day could not be held for the public, the Korean Sleep Association decided to host the 2020 World Sleep Day event online and conducted three important events as follows;

1. Radio public service broadcast on the importance of sleep
-On World Day of Sleep, radio campaign broadcasts on the importance of sleep on health were broadcast nationwide from 7 March 2020 to 4 April 2020 at 7 am every morning for 5 minutes.
Prof. Ki-Young Jung, chairman of the Korean Society of Sleep Science, participated in the radio campaign and recorded it. The photograph is a picture recorded by Professor Ki-Young Jung on a broadcast.

2. Distribute the press release “Sleep and Immunity” to the media
As COVID19 spreads rapidly, the importance of immunity to prevent viral infection has been emphasized. We made “5 sleep rules to increase immunity suggested by the Korean Sleep Association” with the press release and distributed to the media on the 13th of March, 2020, the World Sleep Day, It included the effects of sleep on immunity and the importance of maintaining a healthy sleep to increase immunity. This press release responded very well and reported it to a total of 23 media outlets, including most of the major media outlets in Korea.

3. Youtube Broadcasting on the Importance of Sleep
– In cooperation with the most famous YouTube broadcasting about health in Korea, we have been doing YouTube broadcasts on the importance of sleep and various sleep disorders every week since March 13.
Executives of the Korean Society of Sleeping appeared on the show and gave talk shows about the importance of sleep and various sleep disorders. (The secret of sleep health) (Insomnia) (Obstructive sleep apnea) (Various sleep disorders: REM sleep behavior disorder, circadian rhythm disorder, pediatric sleep disorder)

Location: TBS(Radio broadcast), press media, YouTube in South Korea

Date of Activity: 2020.03.09 – 2020.04.04

Submitted By: WONCHUL SHIN