Portugal 2017: Projecto SEI

Delegate: Odivelas City Council/ Delegate Simone Carvalho

Affiliations: Education Sector (The Project for Educational Success and Integration) – Projeto SEI

In 2016, SEI Project as conducted a study to evaluate the relation between Sleep and School Performance, based on a sample of 660 students from Odivelas, from 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cycles of Portuguese Basic Education System (1st to 9th grade). The study had the cooperation of ISCTE University Research Center (Lisbon), and of the Sleep Center, a medical institution in Lisbon.
Among the most significant findings, the study shows that 75% of the subjects in the sample report having the need to sleep during the day, as well as more than half of the students reported using new technologies in bed (eg. smartphones, tablets, etc.).
In light of these results, the SEI project developed and held workshops aimed at all students from 1st to 9th grade, with the theme “SEI Dormir” (“Know how to Sleep”), so far we have held workshops for about 1600 students.

In addition, the SEI Project organized a contest for children and young people of the schools of Odivelas (Success Schools Award), with the theme “SEI Dormir”, inserted in the celebrations of the World Day of Sleep. The contest will count on the participation of 36 works, carried out in a class context by close to 900 students. During the month of March 2017, there will be an exhibition of the works in competition and the Prize-giving Ceremony to the winners.
All the classes involved in the contest, benefited from “SEI Dormir” workshops, at the beginning of this school year, with the aim of raising awareness to the importance of sleep, promoting student’s reflection on their sleep habits, and sensitizing teachers to the consequences of lack of sleep hours: attention and concentration problems, behavioral changes and increased drowsiness, among others.
(I’ll send some photos of the flyer of the contest and one whorkshop among students)


March 17th- Beatriz Angelo Hospital Foyer;March 22nd- Sports hall of the Moinhos da Arroja School (Odivelas public school)


March 17th, 6pm – Inauguration of the exhibition of the 36 works of the prize schools of success with the theme “SEI Dormir”)- celebrating world sleep day; March 22nd, 3pm – Ceremony of delivery of the Prizes to the 6 best works of the Prize of Schools of Success with the presence of 350 students participating

Submitted by: WSD Delegate Simone Carvalho
Short Bio:
The Project for Educational Success and Integration – Projeto SEI (SEI Project) was created in 2010, by the Odivelas (Lisbon) City Council, with the mission of promoting school success and well-being, as well as prevent the various phenomena that contribute to student failure and Dropping out ( bullying; study methods; secure internet; school referral; rules in the family and school; adolescent counseling; emotional and behavioral management, working with groups of parents, teachers and students).
Since 2014 we are developing a program called “SEI Dormir” (“Know how to Sleep”). We did already a various activities related to the sleep (investigation based on a sample of 660 students from Odivelas; workshops for Portuguese Basic Education System (1st to 9th grade, totalizing 1600 pupils in 2016); and right now a contest called “Success Schools Award”, wich will count on the participation of 36 works (made by 900 students) inserted in the celebrations of the World Sleep Day