Portugal 2024: BrainGlobal | Bruna Guedes

Delegate: BrainGlobal

Affiliation: Bruna Guedes

Short Bio: BrainGlobal is a startup that aims to contribute to a society where everyone has access to educational resources about neuroscience, genetics, healthy sleeping habits and support for mental and physical health.

We are dedicated to develope solutions and projects to benefit society so that it becomes healthier, more resilient and educated.

Activity: In March 2024, BrainGlobal invited the Vila Real community to participate in the “World Sleep Day”. We carried out activities throughout the month of March with the “Sleep + Education = A Formula for Success” Project. This activity aimed to bring to schools in the Vila Real district the importance of Sleep Education. During several lectures we managed to reach students, teachers, staff and guardians/parents. The entire school community was covered.

We also went to the local radio station “Universidade FM” on March 15, 2024, to mention the importance of celebrating “World Sleep Day” within the community and the importance of sleep in various areas of our community was discussed, such as drivers, the elderly, athletes, students , companies, etc…:

Several billboards were placed around the city about our project that had the support of Vila Real City Council, “Sleep + Education = A Formula for Success”.

Several news articles were written about the project “Sleep + Education = A Formula for Success” and about the success of “World Sleep Day” in the Vila Real community:





We were also invited to speak about how sleep contributes to productivity at the “III CONGRESS FOR HEALTH, WELL-BEING AND HAPPINESS IN THE ORGANIZATION” in Portugal:


A video was recorded at a multidisciplinary clinic (Clínica São Dinis) in order to convey the message that sleep is essential for a productive day, also in celebration of the “World Sleep Day”:


“Have you ever wondered, what it would be like if the world stopped for a moment to prioritize sleep? At our clinic, we decided to embrace this idea in a fun and creative way!”

In March, we launched several projects in the field of Sleep in addition to “Sleep + Education = A Formula for Success”, such as SonoSénior (SeniorSleep) aimed at seniors and their caregivers; Sleep& Succeed aimed at companies; SonoSeguro (SafeSleep) aimed at drivers; SonoSport aimed at athletes.

The goal is to continue with this activities as much as we can. Continuing to develop and promote these initiatives will not only benefit the individuals directly involved, but also contribute to a broader culture of prioritizing sleep and its importance for health, safety and success across various aspects of life.

Location: Vila Real District

Date of Activity: March 2024

Submitted by: Bruna Guedes