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Short Bio: VitalAire is the international brand for Air Liquide’s Home Healthcare activities. Present for over 35 years in Portugal, it provides assistance to patients with chronic respiratory diseases. Committed to working daily alongside healthcare professionals, VitalAire delivers an increasingly personalized and innovative service, focusing on the specific needs of patients undergoing treatment at home, so that they can improve their outcomes (health outcomes) and their quality of life.

Activity: Putting the patient at the center of our attention is our commitment for VitalAire Portugal’s Value journey. Knowing that Sleep is essential not only for our patients but for the population in general, and with the motto of the World Sleep Day, we created moments where sleep patients, general population and health professionals from different specialties could share not only information but also experiences and useful day-to-day tips for a healthy sleep.
Within this scope, and keeping the premise of being by the side of patients and their carers, VitalAire promoted a set of initiatives directed to the general population and to sleep apnea patients, in different regions (Lisbon, Santarém, Viseu, Porto) with the purpose of raising awareness of the importance of sleep for their health, with the motto “Sleep is vital for health”.
These sessions had the participation of specialists in Sleep Medicine, Cardio pneumology, Physiotherapy and Nutrition.
In the cities of Santarém, Viseu and Porto, these sessions took place in the VitalAire proximity centers (EspaçoVital), where a pulmonologist, cardio pneumology and physiotherapy specialists challenged the participants to identify the truths and myths about sleep and to recognize the importance that nutrition and physical activity have on sleep.
VitalAire also promoted in Lisbon a special session open to the community, with more than 50 people, conducted by a board of Sleep Specialists, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists and Cardio pneumology technicians, to deepen the importance of sleep for health, with practical tips on nutrition and physical exercise and clarifying some questions related to the treatment of one of the most common sleep disorders – obstructive sleep apnea.

Also in this context, VitalAire is launching several useful tips targeting sleep patients and general population on social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram), seen from different perspectives and prepared by different specialties: Paediatrics, Pulmonology, Nutrition, Neurology, General Medicine, Physiotherapy and Cardio pneumology.

Location: Lisbon, Porto, Viseu and Santarém

Date of Activity: Viseu – 8th March Porto – 9th March Santarém – 14th March Lisbon – 17th March

Submitted by: Ana Simões – Marketing and External Communications Director