Portugal 2023: Vera Santos Martins | Hospital da Luz

Delegate: Vera Santos Martins

Affiliation: Hospital da Luz

Short Bio: Pulmonology Senior Consultant, working on clinical practice in Sleep Medicine since 2011. Somnologist–Expert in Sleep Medicine by the European Sleep Research Society since October 2022.

Professional Experience in Sleep Medicine:

2015-present:Pulmonologist at Hospital da Luz Network Clinics (Sleep Apnea Outpatient Consultation, integrating multidisciplinary group of sleep medicine, general pulmonology consultation)

2015–January of 2023:Pulmonologist at Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (Loures,Portugal) working at Sleep Medicine Unit with the following activities:
-Sleep-related breathing disorders consultation in ambulatory and ward context, with experience in assessment, treatment and follow-up of these disorders.
-Coordinator of Sleep Apnea Ambulatory Consultation since 2016.
-Responsible for sleep technologists acting protocol in the evaluation of sleep apnea patients with CPAP therapy.
-Integrating multidisciplinary group of sleep medicine and participating in mensal reunion with assessment and discussion of complex clinical cases, together with neurology, psychiatry, psycology, ENT doctors, pediatrician, sleep technologists and nutricionists.
-Colaboration on the education of pulmonology fellows in sleep medicine since 2017.

2011–2015:Pulmonologist at Hospital Garcia de Orta (Almada,Portugal), working at Pulmonology Intervention Unit, General Pulmonology ward and Outpatient Clinic (sleep apnea consultation and general pulmonoloy consultation).


Raise awareness of sleep health through the distribution of sleep questionnaires to the ambulatory patients at our clinic on the 17th of March 2023. If consent is given, patients will be informed about their results and medical advice will be given regarding poor sleep health.

Location: Hospital da Misericórdia de Évora, Rede Luz Saúde

Date of Activity: 15-17/3/2023

Submitted by: 15/2/2023