Portugal 2023: Teresa Rebelo Pinto and Gasoxmed | Teresa Rebelo Pinto Clinic – Sleep & Psychology and Gasoxmed

Delegate: Teresa Rebelo Pinto and Gasoxmed

Affiliation: Teresa Rebelo Pinto Clinic – Sleep & Psychology and Gasoxmed

Short Bio: Teresa Rebelo Pinto – Sleep & Psychology Clinic is an innovative and pioneer project in Portugal focused on the connection between sleep and mental health. Our main mission is to promote Sleep Psychology as a specialized area, always in articulation with other areas, adopting a holistic view of health and personal development, valuing prevention.
Our multidisciplinary team promotes sleep quality and psychological well-being,through consultation (different clinical specialties), education and consulting activities,adopting a customized attitude with each of our clients.
Gasoxmed is a home healthcare service provider based in Portugal, part of the Air Liquide Group. Offering solutions in respiratory chronic diseases, we have been working over the years to become a reference in the sleep apnea treatment and develop the best solutions to improve care and the patient experience.

Activity: Starting with an awareness campaign, several activities were developed to celebrate World Sleep Day and included in a dedicated website:


1) Advertising Campaign: SLEEP MODE ON!

From March 1st to 31st, we promoted a multichannel campaign with the slogan “SLEEP WITH DREAMS, WAKE UP WITH PURPOSES”. This awareness campaign was designed and carried out by the TRP Clinic and Gasoxmed and included:

– Paper and digital billboards spread across the cities of Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto (Portugal), encouraging the population to switch to “sleep mode” and reflect on the importance of sleep.

Our main goal was to transmit that a good night of sleep can be the most efficient way to reach our dreams.

– Flyer’s distribution in the streets, schools, companies, universities, tv and radio stations, pharmacies and other sleep centers and clinics.

– Development and distribution/giveaway of “Sleep Mode” Kits in social and scientific events, schools and influencers.


2) Content in newspapers/magazines and digital network about our campaign, sleep in
general, etc.:

2.1 “SLEEP WITH DREAMS, WAKE UP WITH PURPOSES” (Pontos de Vista Magazine)

2.2 What you need to know to sleep better (SÁBADO MAGAZINE)

2.3 4 Years Of Participation Teresa Rebelo-Pinto, MsC | Sleep & Psychology Clinic
| PORTUGAL (Healthier Sleep Magazine)

2.4 Gasoxmed: We help you to improve your sleep (País Positivo Magazine)

3) Awareness events and content for the whole community (television and radio):

3.1 “Consequences of poor sleep” (SIC – ESSENCIAL)

3.2 Special appearance to talk about sleep and shift work (TVI “Dois às 10”) – 24/02

3.3 Special appearance to talk about the world sleep day (Antena 3 – RTP)

3.4 Street Campaign – “SLEEP WITH DREAMS, WAKE UP WITH PURPOSES” in the international world sleep day 17-03-2023

3.5 “Sleep Problems” (RTP MADEIRA)

3.6 Special appearance to talk about sleep and answering a question “Is it possible to be healthy with 5 hours of sleep?” (Rádio Commercial)

4) Scientific Events/Conferences and Workshops:

4.1 Speech about Obstructive Sleep Apnea beyond Pulmonology (Hospital da Luz – Lisbon) – 75 participants

4.2 “Sleep from A to Zzz” and “Sleep and learning: what is the role of the school community?” – 40 participants
– Session about the importance of sleep education in a school (Murça – Vila Real)

4.3 Workshops “Sleep Mode ON” – 145 participants

Location: Street, train stations, universities, schools, online, newspapers, TV, radio, social media, etc.

Date of Activity: March 2023

Submitted by: Teresa Rebelo Pinto – Sleep & Psychology Clinic and Gasoxmed