Portugal 2023: Susana Teixeira de Sousa | Hospital CUF Tejo/ CUF Descobertas

Delegate: Susana Teixeira de Sousa

Affiliation: Hospital CUF Tejo/ CUF Descobertas

Short Bio: Susana Teixeira de Sousa
Respiratory Medicine & Sleep Medicine
Invited Professor at Nova Medical School, Lisbon
ESRS Somnologist since 2014
Pulmonology Senior Consultant
Center for Sleep Medicine Coordinator, CUF Tejo/Descobertas

Activity: Different activities were developed for inpatients, outpatients, Health professionals and for general population – through leaflets, games, media communication and clinical sessions in order to raise awareness of sleep health.

Location: Hospital CUF Tejo/Hospital CUF Descobertas – Lisbon

Date of Activity: 17 march 2023

Submitted by: Susana Sousa


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