Portugal 2022: Teresa Rebelo Pinto | Teresa Rebelo Pinto – Sleep & Psychology Clinic

Delegate: Teresa Rebelo Pinto

Affiliation: Teresa Rebelo Pinto – Sleep & Psychology Clinic

Short Bio: Teresa Rebelo Pinto – Sleep & Psychology Clinic is an innovative and pioneer project in Portugal focused on the connection between Sleep and mental health. Our main mission is to promote Sleep Psychology as a specialized area, always in articulation with other areas, adopting a holistic view of health and personal development, valuing prevention.
Our multidisciplinary team promotes sleep quality and psychological well-being, through consultation (different clinical specialties), education and consulting activities, adopting a customized attitude with each of our clients.

Activity: Our Clinic organized and collaborated in several initiatives in the context of the World Sleep Day. The activities developed included:

1) “Sleep is not a waste of time!” – Advertising Campaign:

– From March 16th to 23rd, messages were disseminated on newspapers, medical newsletters, social magazines and muppies/billboards scattered throughout the cities of Lisbon and Porto (Portugal), encouraging the population to reflect on the importance of sleep and its surveillance (attached image). The awareness campaign was designed and carried out by our Clinic with the sponsoring of Gasoxmed (home respiratory care company).
– Flyers’ distribution in the streets and other sleep centers and clinics.
– Giveaway of two sleep diaries for the social media followers who took the most original pictures with our muppies in the street (https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17916641411240627/).

2) Writing of several opinion articles for newspapers/magazines and digital content about:

2.1 “ How to sleep better in times of war” (CNN Portugal)

2.2 “Five reasons why you should not neglect your sleep” (Pessoas by Eco)

2.3 “The most effective and cheapest way of getting results and motivated workers” (Human Resources)

2.4 “Sleep is not a waste of time” (Selfie)

3) Live and recorded interviews to raise awareness about the importance of sleep and mental health for different digital and media platforms (Selfie, TVI, Ser Mental, Rádio Renascença, SIC).


4) Promotion of awareness events and content for the whole community (webinars and conferences, articles):

– “The importance of sleep for the brain” – Centro de Ciência Viva de Tavira (16/3/22, online, 104 participants)

– “Sleep in Society – Sleep in companies” – Blanky (18/3/2022, conference at Nova School of Business and Economics, 20 participants + live broadcast)

– “Sleep and education” – Clínica Teresa Rebelo Pinto, Gasoxmed and Trofa Saúde (23/3/22, online, 505 participants)

– Development of awareness content for different companies’ newsletters, focused on strategies for companies to improve their sleep quality promotion measures.

Location: Street, train stations, universities, online, newspapers, TV, radio, social media, etc.

Date of Activity: March 16th to April 12th

Submitted by: Teresa Rebelo Pinto – Sleep & Psychology Clinic