Portugal 2020: Prof Dra Teresa Paiva / Cenc – Centro de Electroencefalografia e Neurofisiologia Clinica

Delegate: Prof Dra Teresa Paiva

Affiliations: Cenc – centro de electroencefalografia e neurofisiologia clinica

Short Bio: Sleep medicine professor
Sleep medicine centre director

Activity: “Better sleep, less violence, more peace, better planet”
All are welcome to participate in this symposium with various talks and approaches in response to the violence in our day to day lives, and the influence of sleep in violent behavior.
Sleep disturbances are also the main alerting symptom in victims.
This conference includes many different professionals, such as, judges, psychologists, journalists, MDs, politicians and athletes.

Location: Nova medical school auditorium

Date of Activity: 13/03/2020

Submitted By: Prof. Dra. Teresa Paiva