Portugal 2019: Saul Neves de Jesus

Delegate: Saul Neves de Jesus

Affiliations: Vice-rector of the University of Algarve

Short Bio: Vice-rector at the University of Algarve.
Full Professor since 2003, and Director of the PhD in Psychology. Past-President of the Research Center CIEO, and coordinator of the line of research “Well-Being in Society”.
National Representative of Portugal in the Stress and Anxiety International Research (STAR).
Member of some national and international sponsored research project teams.
Has guided postdoctoral studies of colleagues from several countries, and has guided 38 successfully completed doctoral theses.
Published more than twenty books and more than two hundred scientific peer review papers.
Some PhD and some published papers are about the topic of sleep quality.

Activity: Workshop on “Quality of Sleep and Mental Health”, open to the academic community (students, teachers and staff) and to all who want to attend.
This workshop is also part of the Commemorations of the 10 Years of the PhD in Psychology at the University of Algarve, with the participation of several PhDs in Psychology who held their doctoral theses on the theme of sleep quality and mental health, presenting the main implications of the results obtained in their investigations.

Location: University of Algarve, Campus de Gambelas, Faro, Portugal

Date of Activity: 15th March 2019

Submitted By: Saul Neves de Jesus