Portugal 2019: Portuguese Sleep Association

Delegate: Portuguese Sleep Association

Affiliations: APS, ANSS, ESRS

Short Bio: The Portuguese Sleep Association was created in 1991 in order to promote awareness, education and research in relation to sleep and sleep disorders in a multidisciplinary perspective. Various health professionals from many health and university groups are increasingly involved in the Association and several meetings and activities have been organized in order to improve sleep science in Portugal. Information in school population and awareness campaigns for general public and professional groups have been an important point of its activity. The Association has been the trigger for the Certification for the Competence of Sleep Medicine in Portugal.

Activity: An extensive campaign has been developed by the Portuguese Sleep Association (APS) during the month of the World Sleep Day (WSD). According to the slogan: Healthy sleep, healthy aging”, it was directed to all ages and professional classes and involved many sleep specialists. It was widespread all over the country and portuguese islands.
The main activities of the campaign were as follows:

  1. A Press Release was sent to all social media – tv, radio, press
    and digital media – two weeks before WSD
  2. Advertising and promotional material and texts were sent to health
    centers, local communities, kindergarten, schools and
    universities, homecare providers and many official institutions,
    since the two weeks before and until the WSD.
  3. Many interviews on the main TV channels, radio, magazines and
  4. A partnership was taken place with the Center for Neuroscience and
    Cell Biology of the University of Coimbra and the main activities
    that were undertaken were:

    1. A Video – to alert for the importance of having healthy sleep
      habits in order to have an healthy aging which was spread out
      i.Main TV channels, where is was seen by at least a quarter of
      the portuguese population
      ii.Many hospitals, health centers, city councils and official
      iii.Homecare and Sleep Comfort Providers
      iv.APS Site, Facebook and Instagram
    2. A National Context of Drawing about the WSD slogan was promoted
      in all cycles of primary and secondary schools, and the best of
      each group was prized.
    3. On the 15th March, a Meeting was undertaken at the Coimbra Music
      Conservatory with four parts:

      1. Exibition of all drawings and presentation of the Drawing
        Context Prizes
      2. Debate on “Sleep through whole life”, since babies till
        elderly ages
      3. Theatral performance – “Dream machine” by the Marionet
        Group, focused on the Sleep apnea problem
      4. Debate about “Sleep and Religion”, between Religious experts
        (Judaism, Islamism and Christianism) and Scientist and
        Clinical Sleep specialists. The debate was focused on
        habits, attitudes and lessons from different religions.
        Leaflets “Sleep hygiene in children and adolescents”, “Sleep
        hygiene for adults” and “World Sleep Day” were distributed
        during the meeting.
    4. Many formative programs (lectures and games) at schools during
      March, and the next months (due to the huge number of schools).
  5. Sleep disorder Screening at the 3rd Edition of the Healthy Council
    Day at Oeiras.

Location: All over Portugal.

Date of Activity: During March, and the next two months

Submitted By: Maria Helena Estevão