Portugal 2019: Helena Cristina Loureiro

Delegate: Helena Cristina Loureiro

Affiliations: Pediatric Department, Fernando Fonseca Hospital, Amadora, Portugal

Short Bio:
Helena Cristina Loureiro is the head of Pediatric ward and Pediatric Sleep Center at Fernando Fonseca Hospital. Senior Pediatrician, Master in Sleep Sciences and Somnologist by the ESRS.
Fernando Fonseca Hospital is a level II hospital in Lisbon metropolitan area. The pediatric ward has 36 beds, including 6 beds of intermediate care. The Pediatric Sleep Center performs 700 polysomnography type I per year.

Activity: To celebrate 2019 World Sleep day´s theme: Healthy Sleep , Healthy Aging, and thinking that good sleep habits should start in childhood and also that hospitalization should be an opportunity of learning, we decided to do a project called: Sleep Friendly Ward.
In this project we evaluated sleep habits in the pediatric ward, promote measures to improve good sleep habits and in a 3rd phase evaluate the effect of those measures. Each member of the staff has participated in this project.
The video shows some of the measures applied in our ward:
– Lights are turned on at 7 AM and turned off at 10PM
– Napping promotion for children under 5
– At night and naps, the doors and blinds are closed
– Screens are turned off one hour before bed time
– Promotion of reading a bed time story
– Noise is avoided after 10PM
– Alarms are minimized
– During the night, nurse and medical care, except in emergency cases, like therapeutic administration and checking vital signs, are performed with a flash light
– At night, care should be done in specific moments and medication has a schedule to be done
– Room temperature is kept in an adequate range
– Teachers promoted a drawing contest having sleep as a main theme
– Posters for staff with sleep promoting measures
– Posters and flyers for the parents with sleep promoting measures and good sleep habits
You can watch the video in this link: https://youtu.be/eqHdyU6_vYw

Location: Pediatric Ward, Fernando Fonseca Hospital, Amadora, Portugal

Date of Activity: 15th March 2019

Submitted By: Helena Cristina Loureiro