Portugal 2017: Portuguese Sleep Association

Delegate: Portuguese Sleep Association (APS)

Affiliations: APS, ANSS, ESRS

The Portuguese Sleep Association developed an extensive World Sleep Day campaign under the slogan “Sleep Soundly, Nuture Life” / “Durma bem, desfrute a vida” directed to all population, as follows:
1. A Press Release was sent to all social communication media during the week before World Sleep Day to raise awareness of sleep quality and of the Campaign that will be carried on the 17th March 2017
2. A Video was elaborated to alert for the consequences of bad and good sleeping and it was spread out to:
a. Main TV channels
b. Many hospitals and health centres
c. Health care providers
d. Pharmacies (Farmácias Holon)
e. Portuguese Sleep Association Site – http://www.apsono.com/
f. Portuguese Sleep Association Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/AssociacaoPortuguesadoSono/

3. A distribution of the leaflet “Sleep hygiene in children and adolescents” was carried over hospitals and health centres
4. Many interviews on TV channels, magazines and newpapers of high circulation were made
5. Partnership with a Pharmacy Group (Farmácias Holon) on the elaboration of Mupis and a leaflet about Sleep Hygiene to be spread on 120 pharmacies (40000 leaflets). The leaflet has also a Sleep questionnaire with a 12-question survey about sleep knowledge
6. A “Sleep Apnea Guide” for general population, a collaboration with a homecare provider. The guide focus on risk factors, diagnosis, complications and treatment of sleep apnea in adults and children.

Location: All over the country

Date: Second half of March, mainly on the 17th March

Submitted by: Maria Helena Estêvão
Short Bio:
The Portuguese Sleep Association was created in 1991 in order to promote awareness, education and research in relation to sleep and sleep disorders in a multidisciplinar perspective. Various health professionals – physicians, psychologists, technicians, dentists, researchers – are involved in the Association and several meetings have been organized in order to improve portuguese sleep science. Awareness campaigns for general public have been a hot point of its activity. The Association has been the trigger for the substantiation of Certification for the Competence of Sleep Medicine in Portugal.