Portugal 2017: Portuguese Association of Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine


Activity: In the context of 2017 World Sleep Day, Portuguese Association of Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine (APCMS) and their associated delegates will sponsor a number of activities in order to spread the idea about the relevance of a “sleep culture”:

1) Advertising brochures with the participation of portuguese mediatic public figures with some sentences about sleep
2) 6th World Sleep Day Simposium of Soerad Hospital, chaired by Dr. Miguel Meira e Cruz (MSc, DDS, President of APCMS)
3) World Sleep Day Conference in Lisbon Faculty of Sciences, open to the general public and entitled: Sleep: the good, the bad and the ugly, 17th March, led by Dr. Miguel Meira e Cruz
4) Inaugural Conference of the Post Graduated Course of Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine, led by Dr. Miguel Meira e Cruz (Post Graduated Course Coordinator), 17th March, Escola Superior de Saúde do Vale do Ave – Vila Nova de Famalicão, Porto
5) Conference on “Sleep in health and disease”, event open to general public, sponsored by CEMED in Malveira
6) Stories of sleep and dreams – directed to children, parents and teachers: an interactive musical and ballet show (6 stories) regarding the most common sleep issues during lifetime, particularly those related with children and adolescents (Sleep function and timings, sleep duration, sleep and learning, sleep and bad dreams, co-sleeping and sleep, fat and beauty. This will be organised by APCMS, ballet teacher Ana Catarina Camacho and pre-school teacher Henrique Santos and will take place in Beatriz Costa Auditorium in Mafra
7) The APCMS department of Oral Sleep Medicine will sponsor a conference about “Sleep Medicine: a dental perspective”, led by Dr. Susana Falardo (DDS, PhD) in Valongo

Location: Lisbon, Mafra, Porto

Date: March, April 2017

Submitted by: Miguel Meira e Cruz

Short Bio: Dr. Miguel Meira e Cruz (MSc, DDS)

  • Actual president and founding member of Portuguese Association of Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine
  • European Somnologist – Expert in Sleep Medicine by European Sleep Research Society
  • Master in Sleep Sciences by Lisbon Faculty of Medicine
  • Coordinator of the Post Graduated Course on Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine, CESPU -ESSVA
  • Researcher on Sleep and Cardiovascular Function in the Autonomic Cardiovascular Function Lab of Cardiovascular Center of Lisbon University
  • Invited Professor of Sleep Medicine in Neuroscience Doctoral Program of Lisbon Faculty of Medicine