Portugal 2017: EOS Sleep Team

Delegates: Eulalia Semedo, MD, MSc and Susana Falardo Ramos, DDS, PhD

Affiliations: EOS SLEEP TEAM

EOS Sleep Team community based actions for the 2017 WSD commemoration in the county of Montijo, Portugal, with the collaboration of the school “A Casa da Criança” (the children’s house) and the seniors’ ateliers, and the support of the City Hall of Montijo.

ABSTRACT: An integrated project was developed to commemorate the WSD in the city of Montijo, directly involving the community at all age ranges and the local media. It was intended that these actions would foster the development of local projects directed to the dissemination of sleep health education. The group developed three interconnected projects: the The stories of my pillow, Tea time talks around sleep and Children and parents talks around sleep. The stories of my pillow (title authored by Dr Susana Falardo Ramos) did involve the children in pre-primary school (Casa da Criança do Montijo); Children and parents talks around sleep was carried out for the families of children previously involved in the project The stories of my pillow, bringing the opportunity for families to discuss sleep together. The elderly were involved in the WSD commemorations through the Tea time talks around sleep project. All the activities were widely publicized in the Municipality, through the information structures of the city hall and local media; information leaflets were distributed in strategic locations, there was dissemination through the social networks, on the city hall website and in the local newspaper. Soon after the WSD 2017, it was decided by the PEL-Montijo, the Local Educational Plan, to implement the The stories of my pillow project in all schools of the school grouping, and the Senior Ateliers plus the Senior University decided to continue the Tea time talks around sleep, for one year. The EOS SLEEP TEAM was also contacted to collaborate in the school health project of the PEL- Local Educational Project of Montijo, for the dissemination of sleep health education in primary and secondary schools.

a. After the planning meeting with the director Dr Anabela Amaral and teacher Natercia Dutra
i. The translated WSD materials, referring to the paediatric population, were provided to the school.
ii. the main theme of the work to develop with the children was established and the project The stories of my pillow designed.
b. During two weeks prior to the WSD, children (ages 3 to 5) worked with their teachers on the theme of sleep, and prepared materials for the WSD party:
i. In Room 1 the teacher Alexandra Ramos did work “A história do João Pestana” (the story of Sandman) with the children, and trained them to sing as choire the song “Estrelinha” (the little star).
ii. In Room 2 the teacher Cristina Portalegre, worked the story “Camila does not want to sleep” and produced little clouds where she wrote the sleep routine of each child.
iii. In Room 3 the teacher Rita Gonçalves read poems of the book “Versos de Fazer ÓÓ” (rimes to sleep). They played a rhyming game and listened to the song João “Pestana e a Lua” (Sandman and the Moon).
c. On March 17th, there was an event party in the child’s house, consisting of:
i. Susana brought her pillow, especially designed for the event, and told a story of her own “Cloud of Enchantment”, also created for this day.
ii. The children
1. Showed their pillows, decorated with stories about sleep
2. Sang songs
3. told the stories about sleep
iii. Eulalia and Sofia told a story with video support, about the sleep of the animals.

2. ACTIVITIES WITH ADULTS and CHILDREN in the school, 25th of March 2017, 10-12.30 p.m.
a. On this day we joined 30 families, in the school Casa da Criança do Montijo
b. The session began with a picture and video presentation to children and parents of the WSD celebration event-party that had been held at the school on the 17th of March
c. This was followed by a presentation given by Dr Eulália Semedo, on the importance of sleep for health, in general, and for the healthy and balanced development of children, followed by an animated discussion.
d. While the lecture took place, the children went to another room where an artist was doing facial paintings under the theme of sleep and circadian rhythms
e. The children presented a show under the theme of sleep, which included:
i. A small theatre play – “João Pestana” (Sandman)
ii. Childhood Poetry on theme of Sleep
iii. Story telling of the book “Histórias de fazer Ó-Ó” (stories to sleep soundly)
iv. Choir chanting
f. The party ended with a tea and cookies conviviality with parents, children, teachers and the EOS Sleep Team people
g. Certificates of collaboration were delivered to the children and the decorated “10 Commandments of Sleep” to hang on the wall, to their parents.

3. ACTIVITIES WITH SENIORS – Tea time talks around sleep, Municipal Galleries of Montijo, March 17, 2017, 16 – 18:30
The event was open to the population, and developed with the collaboration of the Senior Ateliers and Senior Academies, guided by Dr Isabel Moisés and Dr Catarina Tobias. The room, with a maximum capacity of 80 people, was small to receive this initiative, locally organized by the City Hall Office of Events and Public Relations, headed by Dr Manuela Marcelino.
Description of the event
a. Opening of the session by Dr Gabriela Guerreiro, Head of the Division for Social Development and Health Promotion.
b. Introduction by the Mayor of Montijo, Engineer Nuno Canta
c. Choir of the Ateliers Seniors, under the direction of the teacher Anabela Breia Fernandes, sang the theme “Contar Memés”.
d. Moment of poetry with the recitation of the poem O Sono (sleep) by Álvaro de Campos, by the Theatre Group of the Ateliers Seniors of the Municipality of Montijo
e. Exhibition of handicrafts – Ateliers Seniors of Montijo
f. Presentation under the theme Sleep and Health, by Dr Eulália Semedo, followed by discussion with the public
g. Tea and cookies conviviality

The events were publicized throughout the community trough:
a. Pamphlets distributed by the City Hall
b. The Journal of Montijo
c. Social networks
d. The City Hall website
e. Professional photographic coverage of all the events by the PR and photographer of União Mutualista, Pedro Neves.

5. Repercussions at the short term
The success of the activities developed in the House of the Child aroused the interest of other schools and the PEL (the Local Education Plan of Montijo) in the following were accorded:
a. The extension of the project The stories of my pillow project was agreed to be further developed in the entire school group by
b. The Tea time talks around sleep project will be continued in the Senior Ateliers and will be extended to Senior University.
c. EOS SLEEP TEAM was also contacted to collaborate in the school health project of the PEL (Local Educational Plan of Montijo) to disseminate sleep health in primary and secondary schools.

Location: Montijo, Portugal

Date: 17th to 25th March 2017

Submitted by: Eulalia Semedo

Short Bio: The EOS SLEEP TEAM is a non-profitable organization, constituted by a small group of sleep professionals. Founding members:
1. Dr Eulalia Semedo, MD, MSc
2. Dr Helena Grumete, MD, certified European Somnologist (ESRS), Pulmonologist
3. Dr Carina Fernandes, certified European Somnologist (ESRS), Neurologist

The EOS SLEEP TEAM intends to contribute to the public education on sleep health at the level of local communities, and contribute to the development and quality of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Health, to the best of its’ member’s abilities and possible range of action. The group is open to include new members and accept the collaboration of other people or organizations that share similar ideals.
The EOS SLEEP TEAM mission is to contribute to the promotion of public sleep health, at a community level, by means of:
1. Development of public education events and programs, related to sleep health and related healthy life styles, at all age ranges, at a community level.
2. Developing or cooperating in postgraduate specialized programs, as a contribution for the quality of education of sleep professionals, in partnership with Universities, Health Schools and other relevant institutions.
3. Developing and creating the means / methods to support clinical research on sleep.

The first actions of the EOS Sleep Team were developed for the 2017 World Sleep Day commemoration, as described bellow.

Dr Eulalia Semedo, MD, MSc (Sleep Medicine Specialist, certified by the ISMCB, European Somnologist certified by the ESRS, Pulmonologist), founder member of the EOS Sleep Team

Dr Susana Falardo Ramos, DDS, PhD (Doctor of Dental Science (Preventive, Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry), Face Odontology, Universidad Complutense of Madrid; Postgraduate in Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine, ESSVA- Famalicão, Portugal; Postgraduate in Orthodontics by the European Orthodontic Centre, Madrid), first invited member of the EOS Sleep Team.