Portugal 2017: Associação Nuvem Vitória

Delegate: Associação Nuvem Vitória

Activity: We will do our regular daily work from 20h00 on but on that special week we will give away doorknobs hangers with the commandments for a good night sleep ( yours 10 and the 11th – listen to a nice bed time story) to use at the hospital bedroom but also to take one home.

Location: Hospital de Santa Maria – Serviço de Pediatria- Lisboa

Date: 14 to 17 march

Submitted by: Associação Nuvem Vitória
Short Bio: Our Associations was born after a group of storytellers ( volunteers) realised that one of the most difficult time in a child´s life, has to be that day when she has to sleep in an hospital. Besides the lack of health, the child is away from home, with all these strange noises and lights around her all the time. So we decided to start reading bed time stories so that, at least, some ansiety disappears. It’s been working like magic. We do it every day in the biggest portuguese hospital, for kids 0-18.
Our name means Vitory, the Cloud – since the cloud brings us the sense of confort; and Vitory – besides winning your disease, it´s also a traditional form of ending portuguese children stories ” Vitoria, vitória, acabou-se a história” (vitory vitory that´s how the story ends).