Portugal 2016: Eulália Semedo

Delegate: Eulália Semedo, MD and the Sleep Center of the Hospital da Luz-Clinica Amadora

Affiliations: WASM, ESRS, ERS

The opening session for a series of round tables with health professionals, under the name: “AROUND SLEEP”.  This initiative, developed in the Sleep Centre of the Hospital da Luz-Clinica da Amadora, pretends to bring together several medical specialties and the sleep specialists, in order to raise the awareness about sleep problems among health professionals, and together discuss the impact and management of sleep disorders in different medical contexts.

The first session took place in the Hospital da Luz-Clinica da Amadora’s auditorium, on the 17th of March, 2016, in order to celebrate the 2016 World Sleep Day; it did include an Evening Symposium followed by dinner.

The Symposium was chaired by Dra Eulália Semedo; it included the following three talks:
1.The Family Doctor and the Sleep Disordered patient, by Dr Patricia Maia, General Practitioner / Family Doctor

2.OSA and Arterial Hypertension, by Dr Sara Ferreira, Cardiologist

3.Sleep Disorders diagnosis and management in Respiratory patients, by Dr Laura Santos, Pulmonologist

All three talks were extensively discussed with the audience.

Location: Hospital da Luz-Clinica da Amadora

Date: March 17th


We also translated World Sleep Day’s materials into the European Portuguese language, including:

Submitted by: Eulalia Semedo, MD, MSc
Short Bio:
Eulália Semedo, MD, MSc
Sleep Disorders Specialist (ISMCB-WASM), European Somnologist (ESRS)
Behavioural Sleep Medicine MSc
Pulmonology Specialist
Developed and directs two Sleep Centers in: Hospital de Santiago,Luz Saude Setubal, since 2010 and Hospital da Luz-Clinica da Amadora, Luz Saude, Amadora, since 2014.