Portugal 2016: The Sleep Medicine Center of Hospital Cuf

Delegate: Marta Gonçalves

Affiliations: Sleep Medicine Center- Hospital Cuf Porto

The Sleep Medicine Center of Hospital Cuf have done an Awareness Campaign about OWLS and Larks (Evening and Morning people).  For that we have made a short animated video with voice-over in Portuguese and English as well as brochures about chronotype and sleep rhythm disorders.

During the WSD we provided a reduced version of the Horne and Ostberg questionnaire to the general public at the Hospital.

On the same day we announced the beginning of a study with the collaboration of Debra Skene, where we are going to look at the prevalence of the different chronotypes and their association with other sleep parameters like sleep quality (PSQI), sleepiness(ESS) and social Jet-lag (MCTQ) in different contexts i.e. Health- (Hospital Cuf Porto) and Academic- (Poilitécnico do Porto) and also a Business context.

Interviews about the campaign and the study has been done on TV and in the daily press during the WSD.


TripA4_OwlsLarks. FINAL


Diario de Viseu – Dra. Marta Go nçalves, Dia Mundial do Sono

DN – Dia Mundial do Sono

Douro Hoje – Dia Mundial do Sono

Location: Porto- Portugal

Date: 18.03.2016

Submitted by: Marta Gonçalves
Short Bio: MD Psychiatry with a Master’s Degree in Psychiatry and Mental Health- University of Porto School of Medicine – 2001; Currently doing a PhD in Public Health in University of Porto, since 2013.
Invited teacher of Sleep Medicine for the Doctorate Degree in Clinical Neurosciences, Neuropsychiatry and Mental Health- University of Porto Medical School.