Portugal 2016: Portuguese Sleep Association and Education and Psychology Department from the University of Aveiro

Delegate: Maria Helena Estêvão and Ana Allen Gomes

Affiliations: Portuguese Sleep Association and Education Department from University of Aveiro, Portugal

The Portuguese Sleep Association (APS) and the Education and Psychology Department from the University of Aveiro organized a Symposium intitled “Um bom sono é um sonho possível” (the Portuguese translation of “A Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream”). The symposium was open and free for all the academic and non-academic community. The results of a national survey of bedtime and duration of sleep of 4-11 years-old children were presented. Presentations about sleep and society and childhood, teen and adult insomnia took place during the day. Participation of the audience was very active. Awareness for sleep hygiene was highlighted. Leaflets, elaborated by APS and the Portuguese Pediatric Society about “Sleep hygiene in children and adolescents” were distributed to all the participants, and mainly to teachers, as a link for sleep education in school. In continuation this tool will have a large distribution among population. The leaflets may be downloaded from the sites of these associations. Interviews on radio and newspapers occurred during all day.

Location: Aveiro, Portugal

Date: 18th March 2016

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Submitted by: Maria Helena Estêvão
Short Bio:
Maria Helena Estêvão, from the Portuguese Sleep Association, is a pediatrician with Certification in Sleep Medicine by the National Board of Physicians.

Ana Allen Gomes, PhD, is a psychologist and investigator from the Department of Education of the University of Aveiro, in Portugal.