Portugal 2015: Portuguese Association of Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine

During the week of World Sleep Day, we gave some public/medical conferences about sleep and related disorders/disturbances.
It was presented the results of a prevalence study (about sleep and chronotype in adolescents) done by the occasion of the previous World Sleep Day (2014) to the media. Those results were debated in several schools and deserved some mediatic cover on newspaper and TV.
Dra. Helena Loureiro (sleep pediatrician and founding member of APCMS participated in a TV program were she had clarified some important aspects of sleep in children’s and adolescents).

Dr. Meira e Cruz, president of Portuguese Association of Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine, gave several interviews regarding sleep and health namely sleep and hypertension (with presentation of some preliminary results on prevalence and characteristics of hypertension on sleep related breathing disorders – results from the Sleep Unit of Hospital da Luz – Amadora Clinical Center. There was a presentation within the Portuguese Society of Hypertension.
The traditional Simposium of World Sleep Day was held on Hospital SOERAD, Torres Vedras and joined a number of doctors, nurses, psychologists and pharmacologists as well as technicians and public in general.

It was announced the 1 year Post Graduated Program on Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine which will start on September 2015 and will be held in joint organization between CESPU University, Hospital SOERAD and Portuguese Association of Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine.

Divulgação APCMS - Dia Mundial do Sono'15 Dia Mundial do Sono'15 - Dr. Carlos Teixeira Dia Mundial do Sono'15 - Dr. Cláudio D'Elia Dia Mundial do Sono'15 - Dra. Helena Loureiro (1)