The Portuguese Association of Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine (APCMS) developed several events during the week which preceded the World Sleep Day. World Sleep day was celebrated with a Symposium at the SOERAD Hospital in a joint effort between APCMS and the Chronobiology and Sleep Unit of that hospital.

Several conferences took place in different regions of the country by members of the APCMS with a common title  “Sleep: why can’t we live without it”.

Those conferences where directed to adolescents and teachers, health related professionals, doctors and health care givers :

Vila Nova de Paiva (High School) – Dr. Helena Loureiro (MSc, MD) Funchal (High School)) – Dr. Conceição Pereira (MSc, MD) Porto (High School) – Dr. Carlos Teixeira (BSc) Lisbon (High School) – Dr. Miguel Meira e Cruz (MSc, DDS) Coimbra (Faculty of Medicine) – Dr. Miguel Meira e Cruz (MSc, DDS) Torres vedras (High School and Hospital) – Dr. Miguel Meira e Cruz (MSc, DDS) Alentejo/Algarve (General Community and Exercise Professionals) – Dr. Miguel Meira e Cruz (MSc, DDS)

In a joint effort between APCMS and some Portuguese hospitals, 6 main hospitals promoted adequate sleep habits and sleep hygienic roles announcing it on the hospitals screens.

The president of APCMS gave a public interview in a TV news channel where he talked about the problem of sleep deprivation and its consequences mainly within the health related professional scope. The importance of preventing or treating prevalent sleep diseases as sleep apnea, insomnia or sleep related movement disorders was in focus. He also gave several interviews to some important media mediators which resulted in several notes on different newspaper, radio programs and web official pages.

These activities took place March 4th-14th, 2014

Helena-Loureiro-VNP2 Helena-Loureiro-VNP1