Portugal 2013: CENC – Sleep Medicine Center and Professor Teresa Paiva

The following is a letter detailing the activities of Professor Teresa Paiva and her colleagues:

During this and next week, we celebrate the World Sleep Day within the topic chosen for this year: “Good Sleep, Healthy Ageing”.

Today, March 15th, since CENC – Sleep Medicine Center is close to celebrating its 30th anniversary, we have decided to bring these two occasions together and launch a new communication platform to share our knowledge concerning Sleep Medicine: a bilingual blog entitled “In Search of Lost Sleep”.

Our blog is meant for the general public, for all of those who are in search for knowledge of Sleep Medicine, for who may be suffering from symptoms related to Sleep Disorders, and for all of those who are sleeping – or not… It shall have weekly published articles, written by myself, friends and colleagues.

Furthermore we gave an interview for a broadcasting channel, TSF, and collaborate in manuscripts for two Magazines- Jornal Notícias Saúde and Jornal de Saúde Publica

Some of us here at CENC (Helena Rebelo Pinto and Teresa Rebelo Pinto) collaborated in a Session organised by a Municipality dedicated to Healthy ageing.

Helena Rebelo Pinto and Teresa Rebelo Pinto had an important participation in two schools outside Lisbon: Beja (South) and Torres (Center), within the framework of the Sleep-School project. The students there made a wonderful dramatisation of our book “My friend, Sleep”.

Next week I will participate in a popular humour TV show, also to promote Sleep Medicine. 

We’re looking forward for your visit and participation at www.insearchoflostsleep.blogspot.com.

With my warm regards,

Teresa Paiva (in representation of CENC-Sleep Medicine Center and the Sleep-School Project)


Submitted by João Maria Mira Gomes.