Poland 2022: Michał Michalik, Centrum Medyczne MML | Centrum Medyczne MML

Delegate: Michał Michalik, Centrum Medyczne MML

Affiliation: Centrum Medyczne MML

Short Bio: Michal Michalik MD PhD, Otorhinolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon, Aviation Medicine Specialist, founder and owner of Centrum Medyczne MML. Dr Michalik is a graduate of the Military Medical University of Lodz. He has been interested in laryngological surgery from the very beginning of his medical career. Endoscopic surgery and the development of minimally-invasive laryngological surgeries resulted in his deep interest in precision surgery. Over the years of his medical practice, he has been developing Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) procedures. He is one of the Polish pioneers in performing minimally-invasive procedures of sinus rinsing with the use of Hydrodebrider Endoscopic Irrigation System. He has also introduced Balloon Sinuplasty, endoscopic catheterization of sinuses. He is a member of Polish and international medical associations and a consultant in various medical and online portals. In 2010, his work and commitment were recognized by two most prestigious Sleep Disorder Treatment Associations – American Academy of Sleep Medicine and International Surgical & Sleep Society.

Activity: The MML Medical Center organizes a day called “White Friday”. All ENT doctors will be involved in the activity. It is a day devoted to consultation only for patients with snoring and sleep apnea problems. During the consultation, the patient will have a tomography, rhinometry, rhinomanometry and polysomnography.

In addition, the entire week in our social media will be devoted to topics related to the problem of apnea and snoring in the form of shared videos, photos and posts. In social media, we will promote mental and psychological aspects that result from sleep disorders will also be addressed. We want to promote the idea of ​​healthy sleep, as the primary factor in a healthy life.

In addition, we would like to demonstrate the activity of our specialists on television and radio

Location: Centrum Medyczne MML

Date of Activity: 18.03.2022

Submitted by: Adrianna Suchora