Philippines 2023: PCCP Council on Sleep Medicine | Philippine College of Chest Physicians

Delegate: PCCP Council on Sleep Medicine

Affiliation: Philippine College of Chest Physicians

Short Bio: The Philippine College of Chest Physicians Council on Sleep Medicine is composed of Lung Specialists whose interest include Sleep Medicine. The group conducts programs meant to educate and increase awareness on Sleep Medicine among fellow doctors, medical allied staff and the general public.

Activity: A number of lay foums on sleep were conducted in more than ten Pulmonary Training Hospitals in the Philippines in March, with a culmination of an online lay forum entitles “Beat the Snore” on April 1, 2023. There was also a contest among training institutions on who can come up with the best video in celebration of World Sleep Day.

There was also call to all Pulmonologists in the Philippines to celebrate World Sleep Day by posting it Social Media.

A special feature in a program on National TV celebrating World Sleep Day 2023.

The group collaborated with other Doctors specializing in Sleep Medicine, Otorhinolaryngology, Pediatrics and Neurology in celebrating World Sleep Day 2023 in the Philippines.

Location: All over the Philippines

Date of Activity: March 1 to April 1, 2023

Submitted by: Dr. Rodolfo V. Dizon, Jr.