Philippines 2021: Frances Mary Agustin, MD | De La Salle University Medical Center

Delegate: Frances Mary Agustin, MD

Affiliations: De La Salle University Medical Center

Activity: During the entire month of March, a display of promotional materials and infographics will be set up at our hospital lobby in order to increase awareness about the importance of sleep on health, well-being, and quality of life. Digital versions shall be flashed across all television screens located in the common areas of the hospital. Likewise, on March 19th, we will also be releasing an infomercial tied to this year’s theme of “Regular Sleep, Healthy Future”. This infomercial shall also be circulated on social media channels to increase reach.

Location: Dasmarinas City, Cavite, Philippines

Date of Activity: 44274

Submitted By: Frances Mary Agustin, MD