Philippines 2020: Uratex Foam

Delegate: Uratex Foam

Affiliations: Member – International Sleep Association (ISPA)

Short Bio: For more than 50 years, Uratex remains to be the Philippines’ industry leader in manufacturing quality foams and mattresses that help every Filipino sleep better. As a brand that advocates for good sleep, Uratex thru its brand, Uratex Premium takes part in this campaign to spread awareness on the importance of good, quality sleep.

Activity: It will be a month long, simultaneous activities that aim to support “Better Sleep. Better Health. Better Planet” theme of World Sleep Day Org.

> The pre-awareness campaign will start with infographic digital postings and digital activities that aim to educate people on how sleep is important to one’s health. Here, we will also release “Sleep Smarter this Month of World Sleep Day” by providing some sleep tips. We also asked help from two of the country’s biggest Celebrities: Matteo Giudecelli and Heart Evangelista (whom we call “Sleep Ambassadors”) to encourage their Millions of followers to ask questions regarding their sleep problems, that will be answered by Philippine Sleep Society’s Doctors Keith Aguilera (St. Luke’s Global City) and Agnes Remulla (Asian Hospital) thru videos

> March 11, 2020, the Philippines’ best and brightest came together to celebrate this year’s International World Sleep Day with the country’s leading sleep specialist, Uratex.

Set inside the La Picara restaurant, Bonifacio Global City. This year’s World Sleep Day theme, “Better Sleep. Better Life. Better Planet,” will be celebrated with organic food, healthy and delicious cocktail drinks. The five-star mattress displays are picture perfect with vignette featuring the Premium Touch Cozy Latex, made with natural latex material that’s proven to be environmentally sustainable. Moreover, the highlight of the event is not the product but the educational sleep talks made by influential members of our nation. This encouraged their community to sleep better.

The brand’s sleep ambassador, Heart Evangelista-Escudero, an actress and host known for her stellar looks and high sense of fashion, explained the importance of sleep to her beauty and healthy routine.
Beyond beauty and health, Heart also talked about how sleep affects her social and cultural impact. In particular, she discusses her work as an animal rights advocate with PAWS, and how necessary the energy she receives from good sleep is.

Her words ring true to many Filipinos who struggle to find the energy they need to be their best possible self.

Uratex Premium representatives, Dindo Medina and Sleep Specialist Doctor Keith Aguilera, also took to the stage to explain the relevance of good sleep to the planet.

> March 13, the day of World Sleep Day. Uratex invites 50 influential figures in the Philippines to take part in our advocacy thru postings on their Social Media assets. The Talking Points of their posts would highlight the importance of good sleep in our day-to-day life. Due to their busy schedules as influential figures, they might be too busy to prioritize sleep. But here, they will all make a stand that “Good Sleep” helps improve an overall disposition making us all happier, healthier, more mindful with ourselves, and more productive.

Location: La Picara, Bonifacio Global City.

Date of Activity: March 11 – March 31, 2020

Submitted By: Mishy Co, Peg Social Media Inc.