Philippines 2020: Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine

Delegate: Philippines

Affiliations: Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine

Short Bio: The Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine (PSSMI) is an organisation with an advocacy to promote awareness on the importance of sleep health. We aim to educate healthcare professionals to recognize and manage sleep disorders and it is our goal to advance the field of sleep healthcare through research. We are here with the mindset of establishing standards for the practice of sleep medicine in the Philippines and nurture the professional growth of its members. Welcome to our site and feel free to browse our content targeted to people with a passion for and interest in sleep and sleep disorders.

Activity: Due to the looming threat of the COVID-19 and in anticipation of the possible lockdown. We abandoned our plans of holding a large lay forum and created a video to celebrate world sleep day 2020. Click the link below to see the complete video.

Location: Philippines

Date of Activity: 11-Mar-20

Submitted By: Keith Aguilera


Video link: