Peru 2017: Búhos Dormilones

Delegate: Búhos Dormilones

Affiliations: Huggies Perú

Búhos Dormilones in alliance with Huggies Perú launches a contest via Facebook Fanpage where followers will participate to win a Personalized Sleep Coaching session to improve their child’s sleep habits. The goal is to give the opportunity to someone who does not have the economic means to get the chance to get better night time sleep.

Location: Facebook FanPage

Date: 03/17/2017

Submitted by: Búhos Dormilones

Short Bio: Camila Soto is founder of Búhos Dormilones, company dedicated to provide counseling services to families for improving babies and kids sleep habits. As a certified Gentle Sleep Coach, Camila offers customized plans to help children sleep through the night and improve naps. Búhos Dormilones wants to create awareness in families about their children’s sleep and educate parents on how good sleep help their kids grow up healthy and happy.