Pakistan 2017: Celeste Home Fashion

Delegate: Celeste Home Fashion

For the World Sleep Day, Celeste Home Fashion sent out small pillows as invites to a selected list of lifestyle bloggers a week prior to the event. They were also handed a sleep log to fill in for the week to bring with them to the session on the 17th of March.

The agenda of the event was to identify the importance of sleep, effects of sleep deprivation and ways towards a better sleep a better life.

The Bloggers’ meet and greet was held in the Sleeplab by Celeste Home Fashion, where the event began with relaxing meditation and yoga with Yogi Mrs. Leenah Waheed, followed by refreshments comprising a salad bar and fresh juices for the attendees.

After the break the bloggers were invited to share information from their sleep logs with a psychologist Dr. Aneela Ramzan who explained how different sleep habits impacted our health, guidelines for sleeping hygiene and the do’s and dont’s of sleeping.

The guests had an open conversation on what problems they currently face in sleeping and tried to determine if a mattress or pillow could help to fix the problems. The attendees were given Zen Gardens as gifts for participating in the event. The event was 2 hours long and was covered extensively by the bloggers and lifestyle magazines on social media with the World Sleep Day hashtag.

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Date: 17th March 2017

Submitted by: Noreen Qayam

Short Bio: Celeste Home Fashion is a retail chain in Pakistan that provides complete bedroom solutions to its customers, from furniture and accessories to mattresses and sleep accessories like pillows. At the SleepLab by Celeste Home Fashion, customers can indulge in the ultimate mattress experience where they can lie down, unwind, and see how they feel about each one of our unique products; all in a private, comfortable and quiet relaxing space.