Pakistan 2015: Pakistan Pediatrics Association

This year world sleep day symposium was organized by Pakistan Pediatrics Association – Pulmonary Group and Department of Pediatrics unit-II Nishtar Hospital Multan on 12th March,2015 at MINAR Auditorium Nishtar Hospital Multan. It was actually a part of world sleep day activity including articles in national newspapers , forums in newspapers by sleep experts and talk shows on national TV to emphasize upon importance of proper sleep.
A beautiful stage was set by the organizers for the symposium. Everyone was in time and the hall was completely full with audience well before time. Audience included doctors, staff nurses, medical students and nursing students. A large number of media personnel were also present to cover the event. Symposium started at 11:30 am sharp.
Dr.Khadeeja Iram and Dr. Shehzad Shuja, post graduate residents from Pediatrics unit-II hosted the program. They started the proceedings in the name of Almighty ALLAH and welcomed the chief guest, the speakers and the audience for honoring the event with their worthy presence. Dr Shehzad Shuja recited a few verses from HOLY QURAN.

First speaker of the symposium, Dr. Fahad Saleem, head of department of Neurology, NHM elaborated the normal sleep physiology and differences between adult and child sleep physiology. He said that healthy sleep is important for learning self control, positive mood and energy in children.
Professor Dr. Zubair Shaheen, head of chest medicine department, NHM said that sleep problems constitute a global epidemic that threatens health and quality of life for up to 45% of the world’s population. He emphasized on the point that sleep disorders are equally important to be addressed in pediatric patients to lessen the burden of sleep related problems on society. He further discussed the polysomnography and other tests done in chest department for diagnosing sleep disorders. Now, the efforts are being made to provide this facility for pediatric age group in near future.
Professor Dr. Imran Iqbal, head of Children Hospital Complex Multan shared the Islamic viewpoint saying that ALLAH Almighty has made night for restful sleep and day for working. So, we should follow the laws of nature and teach our children to have proper sleep to remain healthy and fit.
This was followed by the involvement of audience in the form of a quiz competition so that they would not sleep during the symposium. Simple and interesting questions were asked by the hosts and special gifts were given to the winners in an enchanting environment. Hosts also shared some beautiful urdu poetry on sleep which resulted in hall roaring into claps.
Dr.Ghulam Mustafa, associate professor Pediatrics unit II Nishtar Hospital Multan and co-ordinator Pakistan Pediatrics Association believes in solution of health issues like sleep disorders through active participation and education of patients and their parents. He shared with professionals the techniques by which sleep can be improved in children. He briefed the audience about several sleep disorders including sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea, inflamed tonsils and adenoids, obesity and narcolepsy. He emphasized that sleep disorders are preventable or treatable, yet less than one third of sufferers
seek professional help. He further said that healthy sleep is not just about duration but it is about quality and consistent sleep routine.
Professor Dr Kamran Salick, principal Nishtar Hospital Multan, the chief guest of the program said that sleep is one of the pillars of healthy life along with balanced diet and regular exercise. He further said that parents and children need a wakeup call about the importance of sleep. Too many children are not getting enough sleep at night which they need to grow and think clearly.
Associate Professor Dr. Abdul Ghaffar, head of department, Pediatric Medicine unit II thanked the honorable chief guest, the worthy speakers and the audience for their presence. He appreciated the whole program, especially the efforts of facilitators and suggested that such activities should be organized on a regular basis to raise awareness of healthy sleep.
At the end shields were awarded to the respectable chief guest, the speakers and the facilitators. All the participants were given certificates of CME credit hours by the chief guest.
The symposium ended with refreshment for the audience. This concluded a knowledgeable and thought provoking event in the town.

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