Norway 2018: Norwegian Association of Sleep Disorders

Delegate: Norwegian Association of Sleep Disorders

Affiliations: Pasient organisation for people with sleep problems

Short Bio: We cover all sleep disorders on the international list for sleep diagnosis. We are acknowledged by the Norwegian authorities as the only National Sleep disorder organisastion, and we work closely with the specialists and hospitals.

Activity: Every year we have an information stand outside the Norwegian parlament in Oslo. So we did this year on Friday 16th of March. It was very cold. We delivered a statement to the parlament commitee for health with three demands. Shorter waiting lists for sleep disorder tests, more knowledge among ordinary doctors about sleep problems, and that the Norwegian state shall acknowledge idiopatic hypersomnia as a direct cause from the Pandemrix vaccine in 2009 (as they have with narcolepsy)

Location: Oslo, Norway in front of the parlament

Date of Activity: March 16th

Submitted By: Marit Aschehoug, secretary of the board and editor