Nigeria 2022: Sleep729 | The Oleaster Recovery & Wellbeing

Delegate: Sleep729

Affiliation: The Oleaster Recovery & Wellbeing

Short Bio: Sleep729 is a sleep health service that operates at The Oleaster Recovery and wellbeing. The service focuses on assessment and treatment of sleep issues, awareness creation on the many values of sleep and general sleep health education.

Activity: We developed sleep mascots to represent sleep health. The aim of the mascots is to draw attention of the general public to the importance of sleep. These mascots shall in the future be used for an animation series that will spread the word on healthy and restorative sleep. The mascots are called Snoozy & Friends. Snoozy and friends are pyjama wearing bears that represent different aspects of the sleep hygiene. We have Snoozy in the purple pyjamas, cuddles in yellow and Fuzzie in blue. They each have a signature look and interact with one another asking questions and discussing sleep issues. The mascots were officially unveiled during the sleep symposium that held at one of the Public Hospitals in the capital city of Abuja Nigeria.

Location: Abuja

Date of Activity: 21st March 2022

Submitted by: Dr Dayyabah Shaibu