Nigeria 2019: Sleep Inc. Limited

Delegate: Sleep Inc. Limited

Affiliations: Classic FM, Naija FM, Schubbs Dental,


On Wednesday 6th of March: Staff at Sleep Inc. limited went live on the ‘Drs on Air’ radio show, which is one of the longest running morning shows on ‘classic FM 97.3’. We spoke extensively about sleep disorders, sleep apnea, sleep hygiene and world sleep day.
We received positive feedback from the listening public, as the 30 minute talk induced engagement on social media, and sparked conversations regarding sleep across work place environments.

On Monday 18th March: staff at Sleep Inc. Limited visited the British International School, Lagos. We had the pleasure of talking to all the year 10 and 11 students(ages 14-16) for thirty minutes. We enlightened them on sleep disorders(particularly obstructive sleep apnea), sleep hygiene and world sleep day. At the end of the talk we were asked some questions by the students. Some could not believe the prevalence of OSA, and the long term risks. All in all, it was a very pleasant and fulfilling experience for us at Sleep Inc. Limited.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Submitted By: Akintunde Pearce