Nigeria 2018: Mouka Limited

Delegate: Mouka Limited

Affiliations: Mouka Limited

Short Bio: Mouka is a leading Manufacturing company of quality sleeping products in Nigeria. It products range from Foam, Mattress, Pillow and other Lifestyle products. The products are segmented by; Value, Comfort and Luxury.
The mission is to add comfort to life by providing quality sleeping products for Nigerians.

Activity: March ‘18 was a global WSD, Mouka limited believed and shared in the vision of World Sleep Society to create awareness and educate globe on sleep disorder and needs to have good quality sleep. Mouka celebrated WSD in a bigger and better ways compared with previous years and competition. There were two stratums of target with the same message on good quality Sleep. Mouka Employees and Mouka foam Consumers.
i. Mouka Employees: There was internal communication via computer screenshot branding. This was done for 5 days, educating staff on the need to have quality sleep. Quality Sleep = Healthy life = High productivity at work.
ii. Mouka foam Consumers. Prior WSD, there was digital activation via Mouka Social Media Platforms where millions of impressions were created.
Seminar where over 150 persons were in attendance was organized. The highlight of the event include:
Scientific talk on the theme of WSD by A famous sleep expert – Dr. Adefemi Adeoye – , Consultant Sleep Physician and Clinical Fellow in Sleep Medicine From the University of Toronto
Distribution of WSD Flyer contains: 3 elements of quality sleep, 10 commandments of quality for Adult and Children
Distribution of WSD shirts.
Mouka mass amplifications of WSD:
TV: News Mentions in first top three National TV stations (Cable and Terrestrial ) reaching over 7.5 million Nigerians
Newspapers: Front page bottom strip and full page Advert on the two most widely read national newspapers. More than 6,000,000 eyeballs
Radio Hypes: Radio hypes in 5 top rated stations in Lagos with 45 spots during Newspaper review.
Digital activation: More than 10.4 million impressions created on GDN and Facebook
Post-WSD Event
Digital Amplification of the event to create long lasting memories in the mind of Nigerians.

Location: Event took place in Lagos, Nigeria and amplified Pan Nigeria

Date of Activity: March 11th – March 17th, 2018. Scientific talk on the theme of WSD happened on March 16th 2018.

Submitted By: Jide Odelola