New Zealand 2024: Manukau Counties DHB – Sleep Clinic | Manukau Counties DHB – Sleep Clinic

Delegate: Manukau Counties DHB – Sleep Clinic

Affiliation: Manukau Counties DHB – Sleep Clinic

Short Bio: At Manukau Counties Sleep Clinic a goal for 2024 was to look at reducing the number of DNA’s to our oximetry screening clinics. One of the biggest reasons for DNA to clinic was the lack of information about what an oximetry test is, and what does the actual consultation involve. Another key point made at our project meetings was there was little information available to gps and public about what does healthy sleep look like, what simple changes can you do to improve your sleep quality, and symptoms you should be aware of that could alert you to see a health professional for help.

Counties Manukau has one of the largest group of patients in New Zealand currently on CPAP therapy for obstructive sleep apnea. We have a service where patients can seek assistance with their equipment. A large portion of our patients are Maori and Pasifika. It is often noted that there is a lot of stigma for those on cpap as well as the lack of open discussion in the community about Sleep Apnea and CPAP therapy.

Activity: This year we have done several activities that have had great responses from the public as well as within the CPAP community.

Activity 1 – Activity 4 – Clinical Sleep Physiologists Rowena Rebadavia – Edlyn Rogayan, Johanna Parker – created new sleep resources that local GPs can display in waiting rooms, as well as issue to their patient’s whom they refer to the sleep service. These resources included – What is an oximetry test and discussed in detail what an oximetry test is, why are they referred for this test, and what the actual appointment at Counties manukau sleep clinic involves. The process through which patients go through after the oximetry test is also explained on this pamphlet

Sleep Do’s and Don’t – a patient friendly poster which has simple changes you can make to your lifestyle that can improve the quality of your sleep.

Activity 2 March 15th – World Sleep Day – Our Sleep Nurse Team and Sleep Physiologists had a kiosk based at both the outpatient’s clinic (Manukau Health Park) and the main hospital ( Middlemore Hospital). This was also attended by a fisher and Paykel representatives. Both kiosks received positive responses from the public. Current CPAP patient’s were able to see different masks available by the service and discuss common problems they had been experiencing.

Activity 3 – To celebrate World Health Day – a first at Counties Manukau DHB – a video involving the staff whom work within the service was done. The importance of sleep and healthy sleep was discussed. Different roles within the sleep service such as : Sleep Specialist, Sleep Clinical Nurse Specialists, Sleep Physiologists and Community healthcare workers were each interviewed. Current patients whom have been through the service were also interviewed. This provided a closer look into the process and roles within the sleep service. It also provided patient’s own experiences they had along their sleep journey. The video also had staff demonstrating set up of oximetry tests and cpap /mask fitting. This video (link below) was shown on different social media platforms which are commonly used by everyone.

Activity 4 – Radio Interviews – Pacific Media News PMN. Radio interviews were done by the local Pacifica radio station with our staff. Clinical Nurse Specialist Hulita Allen and Clinical Sleep Physiologist Johanna Parker were able to discuss about sleep health, obstructive sleep apnea , sleep tests and the sleep service at Counties Manukau. These interviews were also during a time when the largest Polynesian high school cultural festival was on – a time when a lot of focus was already on Pacifica culture – bringing a focus on important health issues like OSA that is prevalent in the Pacifica community was a great opportunity to highlight.

Hulita Allen nurse specialist does regular radio talks in her native language on the local tongan radio station which allows patients to call in and discuss their problems with cpap or those wanting to know more about OSA and CPAP.

Location: Auckland

Date of Activity: 15/3/2024

Submitted by: Johanna Parker