Netherlands 2022: Slaapoefentherapie NL | VvOCM

Delegate: Slaapoefentherapie NL

Affiliation: VvOCM

Short Bio: Slaapoefentherapie Nederland is a huge network of primary care professionals. 900+ practices.
Slaapoefentherapists give CBT-i with the focus on chronic insomnia and biological clock disturbances.
In an average of 6-9 sessions the Slaapoefentherapist gets nice results on sleepscores and on better Quality of Life.

Activity: We are delivering / distributing sleep masks to the secondary care professionals who suffered from the Corona crisis. A terrifying amount of nurses have serious sleeping problems as a result of stress, to much working hours, trauma, grief / mourning …

Slaapoefentherapie NL wants to give them a helping hand with:
– sleeping masks
– a kind letter to thank them for their good work and effort the last 2 years
– 2 sleeping / relaxation exercises
– an extensive sleephygiene document

Location: All over The Netherlands

Date of Activity: 18 mars 2022

Submitted by: Slaapoefentherapie / Francis Lanen