Netherlands 2022: Slaapoefentherapie Nederland | VvOCM

Delegate: Slaapoefentherapie Nederland

Affiliation: VvOCM

Short Bio: Slaapoefentherapie NL is a large network of sleep therapists (Cesar en Mensendieck). There are 900+ practices over The Netherlands who give CBT-i “just around the corner”. Because the health insurance pays back for the costs of the therapy this sleep therapy is available for everybody.

Slaapoefentherapie NL almost celebrates its 10-year anniversary. In 2024 we will celebrate this.

Our purpose is to provide accessible sleep therapy for everybody in The Netherlands to prevent health issues later in life because of long lasting sleeping problems.

Activity: Slaapoefentherapie NL is going to help the intensive care staff and lung -Covid department in hospitals all over The Netherlands. We will give healthcare staff sleep advice in the form of sleep hygiene advice, two relaxation excercises and sleeping masks.

It is in the news that 1 into 5 healthcare professionals has severe sleeping problems because of stress, trauma, exhaustion, worries and too much work. The Covid-19 period was too long and too heavy to stay healthy in body and mind.

So we want to do something good for the healthcare professionals to have good quality of sleep, a sound mind and contribute to a (more) happy world after these two years of lockdowns and worries.

Location: All over The Netherlands

Date of Activity: 18 Mars 2022

Submitted by: Francis Lanen CEO