Netherlands 2020: Slaapoefentherapie / VvOCM

Delegate: Slaapoefentherapie

Affiliations: VvOCM

Short Bio: For the third time Slaapoefentherapy is participating in World Sleep Day. Slaapoefentherapy is a national network of sleeptherapists. There are 700 practices joining the network and in 2020 there will be 100 more. The Slaapoefentherapists give the evidence based CGT-i in almost every city and in many villages. It is quite unique that sleeptherapy is available around the corner and paid by health-insurance. Slaapoefentherapists take care of your Sleep.

Activity: We designed A5 flyers and pillpenns to send to general practitioners, pulmonologists, neurologists, ENT-specialists, somnologists, etc
We want to make them aware of the possibility to prescribe CBT-i instead of sleeping pills. They can do the prescribtion with the pillpenns 🙂
All 700 Slaapoefentherapists join this activity.

Location: all over the Netherlands

Date of Activity: half february till the end of mars

Submitted By: Francis Lanen / Slaapoefentherapie