Netherlands 2020: Rob Henst / Habit Talk

Delegate: Rob Henst

Affiliations: Habit Talk

Short Bio: Habit Talk was founded in February 2020 by entrepreneur Rogier Schutte en chronobiologist and sleep scientist Rob Henst. Rogier’s motivation for starting Habit Talk is keeping people out of hospitals by improving their lifestyle, while Rob’s motivation is driven by his passion for sleep behaviour interventions to better public sleep health.

Activity: Habit Talk is a chat-based lifestyle coaching solution to help you change your habits in one of six health pillars. Relevant to World Sleep Day, one of these pillars is “Sleeping Better”.

For World Sleep Day, we invite individuals who are not satisfied with their sleep to sign up with Habit Talk for FREE. After signing-up, participants will undergo a comprehensive telephonic intake during which a Habit Talk coach collects as much information about your sleep and sleep concerns as possible. After the Habit Talk coach has made recommendations to improve your sleep health, the participant will decide which of the recommendations he or she can implement in his or her lifestyle. The coach will then help the participant with implementing these sleep habits into their lifestyle over the following three months, while progress is being monitored subjectively.

Because Habit Talk is new, and we are testing the efficacy of Habit Talk for improving sleep health, participation is free. Only 75 spots are available.

The Habit Talk activity for World Sleep Day – flyer will be distributed digitally via LinkedIn.

Location: Anywhere in the Netherlands via

Date of Activity: Sign up from the 8th of March until the last day of April

Submitted By: Rob Henst | Habit Talk