Netherlands 2019: Slaapoefentherapie

Delegate: Slaapoefentherapie

Affiliations: Vvocm

Short Bio: Slaapoefentherapie is a national network of 600 sleeptherapists working with patients (0-100 year) with chronic insomnia and problems with the circadian rithm. We use CBT-i and bodywork, breathing exercises and ACT and Mindfulness based interventions to learn people how to “clean the path” so that SLEEP can come.

2019 is our anniversary. We exist 5 years and celebrate it (also) on World Dleep Day!


We made pill pens with the Slaapoefentherapie logo. We are going to distribute them to patients and doctors to tell them that good sleep behaviour is better then taking pills to sleep. Date of Activity: 13-14-15-18 March

Because 2019 is also the 5th anniversary of the Slaapoefentherapie we will also be making a powerful social media burst with the combination of sleepawareness by WSD and Slaapoefentherapie together!! Date of Activity: Wednesday 13, Thursday 14 and Friday 15

Location: All over the Netherlands

Submitted By: Slaapoefentherapie