Netherlands 2018: Slaapoefentherapie


Delegate: Slaapoefentherapie by Francis Lane

Affiliations: primary care, professional association: VvOCM

Short Bio: Slaapoefentherapie is a Dutch network of 500 kinetic therapists Cesar and Mensendieck who are specialised in sleeping problems (insomnia). We started in 2014 with the first 80 sleep educated therapists and now our sleepprofessionals are well spread all over the country.
Slaapoefentherapeuten give CBT-i in face to face therapy. Mostly we help our patients in 6-9 consults of 30 minutes with good result. The health insurance of our patients (mostly) pays the bill.
We hope to publish the results of our research for the effectivity of Slaapoefentherapie half 2019!

Activity: Our Dutch network of 500 kinetic therapists specialised in sleeping problems (insomnia) will distribute white and red roses to people on the street or to doctors, pharmaceutic places and other medical professionals. Our purpose is to stimulate doctors to give people with sleeping problems adequate help and advice. We also want to make people aware of healthy sleeping habits and to give serious attention to their sleep quality and quantity.
We do this with little notes on the roses with good advice, the logo of WSD and also the adress of the nearby kinetic therapist who is specialised in sleeping problems. So they know help is around the corner.. Hopefully we will succeed in our mission to make people (and professionals) aware of the importance of a good night sleep.

Location: Everywhere in the Netherlands

Date of Activity: from march 12 till march 16th

Submitted By: Francis Lanen