Multi-Country 2023: Cristina Frange | Federal Univerity of São Paulo

Delegate: Cristina Frange

Affiliation: Federal Univerity of São Paulo

Short Bio: Sleep physiotherapist, clinician and esearcher.

Activity: “Celebrate Healthy Sleep on World Sleep Day worldwide!” was a 7-minute video prepared and recorded by different health professionals from all over the world: Cristina Frange from Brazil, Diana Anderson from USA, Perran Boran from Turkey, Sofia Mercato and Claudia Vasquez from Peru, and Yen-Chin Chen, from Taiwan.

This video brings cultural aspects of our countries relating them with sleep; e.g.: Carnival and caipirinha drink; sports and entertainment industry, balloon ride and motherhood, Machu Picchu, a wonder of the world, and the Inca civilization; the night markets and 24h culture of lack of sleep.

Each of the presenters spoke in her mother language and the legends appeared in English.

Check out how much we had fun preparing this video at:

Location: onine at our own social medias

Date of Activity: March, 17th, 2023

Submitted by: Cristina Frange