Multi-Country 2023: Catherine Pestano | Natural Voice Network

Delegate: Catherine Pestano

Affiliation: Natural Voice Network

Short Bio: Dr Catherine Pestano is a Natural Voice Network member. Led by Celyn Hind, a group of NVN voice workers has made a Self-calming Lullaby Album Soothe featuring songlets from the British Isles, for all ages. A podcast about the project, featuring some of the music, is being launched for World Sleep Day. We hope that it brings comfort, both for sleep and self-soothing in challenging times.

Activity: You are warmly invited to the virtual Podcast debut sharing of out Podcast on the value of lullabies for Sleep and self-soothing. This 30 min podcast was created for use by hospital radio but will be of wider interest and use. Please feel free to use extractions, with credit.

Shared under creative commons.

Location: Virtual

Date of Activity: 17.3.2023

Submitted by: Catherine Pestano