Multi-Country 2021: Suzie Senk | Sleep Angel LLC

Delegate: Suzie Senk

Affiliations:  Sleep Angel LLC

Short Bio:  Suzie Senk is a Suzie Senk is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Sleep Specialist, Speaker, Author and Mother. She offers integrative solutions to modern-day sleep challenges, and helps people of all ages get a better night’s sleep quickly and easily. Suzie provides personalized, developmentally-appropriate gentle sleep solutions for families with young children, and profound yet practical custom wellness programs for teens and adults. You can schedule a consult, sign up to receive her free gifts and learn more about her by going to her website:

Activity:  Giveaway to celebrate World Sleep Day. Prize consists of a complementary session with Suzie to support you with your sleep and holistic health needs. To register for the giveaway and get on her mailing list, sign up for her free guide: Lights Out, Little One – for busy parents and caregivers who want to support their kids to fall and stay asleep easily night after night. Here’s the link to register:

Location:  Worldwide

Date of Activity:  Starting on 3/13/2021

Submitted By: Suzie Senk